I would like to be able to Report on Calls per Contact

Our company very much needs the functionality to be able to have a count of calls made on every single contact. 


This is important because it would allow our Management/Sales ops, and individual reps to run reports on calls per different lead sources, products, area codes, etc.  Salesforce allows you to do this, and most reps/executives expect this sort of information to be able to be pulled. 


Total call volume (like engagements), or total times contacted (which includes emails + calls), are both drastically less important than calls on contacts.


I have attempted to create a number property that is incremented by a workflow every time call duration is "known," but this doesnt appear to be accurate and I don't believe contacts already triggered from the intial call can be automatically re enrolled.  If anyone has any ideas for workarounds, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I find it very strange that this isn't possible.


You're saying we're paying over 1K a month for Hubspot...and we can't run a simple report that gives us a list of contacts that:


- has been called once in the last month/year


- has not been called twice in the last month/year




Am I missing something? The best that hubspot support could share is to add a suggestion here....