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I want to edit the Lifecycle stages for contacts

This issue has come up more than once for various needs: We need to add Partner (rather than other), some people are just business contacts (more details would delight me more than "other"). The inability to edit these doesn't give our business control of the stages and doesn't make us happy and hinders our business process. 


YES, we create custom properties to handle this, but it doesn't simplify our lives. Simply creates more fields that marketing and sales have to populate. Please help. Thank you.

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Completely agree!


I'd love to have lifecycle stage match our stages so changing Other to Onboarding.


Hubspot team, any repplies? There are countless threads here and I do not see a single respnse from a Hubspot representative. 


WOW, 2 years of requests and still nothing happened ?? anyone has a solution ? We are in recurring business and ofc clients comes and goes, but they are coming back, we should be able to classify them 


This is much needed, it would be great if you guys from hubspot can give us feedback on why the lifecycle stage can´t be edited. I think there is a greater reason behind that regarding your data model, but to leave this unclarified is not a good way people in this idea are no happy. Fix it or explain it asap please. 


Raising the priority to URGENT. A must have for any business process.  Allowing custom labels would help. Could HubSpot expain to the community why this is not be addressed?


Underwrite all the previous coments!!! How in the world is this not editable absolutely crucial, particularly Ex customers. Another property just messes up the data model and useless.


Nearing 3 years and dead silence from HubSpot. Can't understand how they don't address churned customers as a default stage. Simple change tk make a lot of users life easier. 

HubSpot show is some ❤️ 

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Upvoting this on behalf of a customer. It would definitely help customers if they can tailor the lifecycle property stage names/options to better suit their business needs, as well as add more stage names.


This would greatly benefit them instead of having to create a custom lifestyle stage with custom fields, as it can be confusing in the future to have 2 lifestyle stages in the platform.


Customer's use case: Under "Other", they need more specific categories (e.g. Other - employee). Also, they would like to add a stage called "Contact" for an offline contact who's not yet a subscriber.


We would like to add more/custom lifecycles as well. Like "ex customer" for example. These don't have to be automatically triggered, but they should be set manual by our sales staff.

I know there is this field "Lead status", but to maintain two differend entitities for one purpose doesn't make sense for me. Lifecylce should be the only "status" to maintain.

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Agree - this is very much needed. Not having this functionality to alter stages is preventing me to use this functionality at all!

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Hello HubSpot Community, 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product. The ability to edit lifcycle stages is something we have been investigating on the HubSpot Product team. However, a pretty significant technical migration stands in our way. Knowing this is absolutely something we want to do, but will take a while, I'm moving this idea to "in planning" to acknoweldge that it is something we really want to do! We'll continue to update this post as we make progress.


- Dylan


Yes I agree with the above especially the "Previous Customer" selection. I would also like to add a field for "Disqualified" when someone is not in fact an MQL and Sales rejects the lead because they are not ready. A field for "Not ready to buy" would also be helpful so that I can develop another nurture track just for those folks to get them ready. 


Totally agree we need to add Partners in the lifecyle options!


I agree - would be a lot easier for me as a user to identify by being able to just use the customer lifecycle stage i.e. add dormant or lapsed and then reactivate when back to being a customer. Good to see that it's being looked at. Thanks. 


We need this capability as well.  It has been 4 months since HubSpot said it is in planning.  Any update.  What is the workaround in the interim.  Do we jsut create customer field and manage it ourselves?




Any updates on this much-awaited fix?



Really need the ability to tailor the options shown in lifecycle property to match our processes/needs. Please add this ASAP!


Would like to build on this and what other commenters have said. The ability to automate changing lifecycle stage backwards if someone needs to go higher in the funnel, SQL back to MQL for more nurturing, or more importantly, from customer, but back into the marketing hopper if they are still happy to be on our email marketing lists, but have quit because they dont have time/resources/funding/our service doesn't fit their needs now, but may again in the future...


looking forward to seeing this funcationality soon!