I want to edit the Lifecycle stages for contacts


This issue has come up more than once for various needs: We need to add Partner (rather than other), some people are just business contacts (more details would delight me more than "other"). The inability to edit these doesn't give our business control of the stages and doesn't make us happy and hinders our business process. 


YES, we create custom properties to handle this, but it doesn't simplify our lives. Simply creates more fields that marketing and sales have to populate. Please help. Thank you.

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It would be great to have the ability to change lifecycle stages backwards in HubSpot. Two spots I can see this issue:

1) When you mass import a list into HubSpot:

  • When you import HubSpot makes you pick a Lifecycle stage but if that stage is before the contacts current stage it will not change it. This makes it very difficult to roll back the lifecycle stage on a list of existing contacts

2) When you change the Lifecycle stage at the company level:

  • If you move the Lifecycle stage of a company backwards, it will not change the lifecycle stage of contacts associated with that company. This means that if I roll a company back from Sales Qualified Lead to Marketing Qualifed lead, the contacts associated will still be Sales Qualified.



You should have the ability to edit and create your own life cycle stages.

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Righto. Some are industry ecosystem (tech partners, analysts, etc.) that will never be in a sales process. But we want to note what they are without lumping them into other. 

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I'm not sure if it would work for you, but we've used Other for all of our partners, and then setup personas for each of them (this allows us to exclude them from reports, create lists, etc.)


But we would LOVE the ability to customize this for our needs.


Agree. I'd like to be able to mark contacts as "ex-customer" once they churn. I can create a dedicated property as a workaround, but would like to integrate this into the lifecycle as it (unfortunately) is an integral part of it.


Agree.  We need to be able to add various 'record types'.


Yes, we'd like to have Ex-customer.


Totally agree. This is a really cool feature that is unusable because we can't configure the stages or the underlying rules to fit our business model. Please make this fully customizable (take off the training wheels!)


For the record, Marketo has a fully customizable, elegant version in their Revenue Cycle Model: https://www.marketingrockstarguides.com/setup-a-lead-lifecycle-and-revenue-cycle-model-1917/

Image of Marketo's RCM



Yes, I also want to create a life cycle stage.  Specifically "not interested".  They don't want to be contacted.  But the best I can do is create a custom field with a single choice of "not interested".  Not Elegant or Simple.  


Any response from Hubspot if they will ever enable the editing of lifecycle stage field? This lack of flexibility is going to have to force me to use SFDC instead.


"Yes, we'd like to have Ex-customer." +1


Specially with Service Hub it is critical to have the right lifestyle stage.


Want the ability to mark a customer as churned in this section.


It's strange that hubspot won't allow the values to be edited or to add additional values to the Lifecycle Stages.


Have Hubspot responded to this question?

We've just started using Hubspot and the Lifecycle stage was the first thing we've tried to customize.  We would like to change the term Customer to Client as this suits our industry terminology, we would also like to add Partner, Supplier, Ex-Client, Ex-Partner.

These seem like simple customization, which is frustrating to see we can't do it.

Is there a workaround that we are missing?


Same for us.

We are used to working with custom properties, but as many others have mentioned, this only creates more fields and confusion and should be kept to an absolute minimum, ie. the cases where custom properties is the ONLY solution. Hopefully that will not remain the case for Lifecycle Stage. Please do something about this soon.


We need the ability to aknowledge ex customers. The stages should include something like past customer. Not having it negates the fact that customers can leave you. Other is too vague.


It would be good to get those customers out of customer and into another field where you could decide to woo back or never contact again etc. Adding a new field doesn't help because it causes the duplication of the already existing lifecycle stage category.


Like really, Hubspot. I get that your understanding of the the lead lifecycle should be considered the "sanctum de sanctum" but we don't all see it that way. And if we do a custom property, at least make it that we can use it in a funnel report. That's the whole reason we need to edit the lifecycle. So please, fix this issue. It's *stupid* that we can edit the lifecycle stages.


We identify our "ex-customers" in the Sales Pipeline as "Lost". We also use a persona to identify these as well.

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We definitely need to be able to customise the lifecycle or be able to use a funnel report for other fields.




We need to be able to tailor the lifecycle options to suit our business. A one size fits all approach with no flexibility does not work. I am not even sure why this is an issue for Hubspot to allow a business to call their sales cycle "Life Cycle' stage what suits their business and customers. Seems simple to just unlocks this for us?