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I want to add multiple contacts to a meeting using my meetings link

I'd like a way to add additional emails when using the meetings link for two reasons:

1) when I set the meeting for my contacts, sometimes they ask me to include more than one person at their company. Instead of having the option to add another participant, I have to forward the additional contacts to sent invite -- doesn't look very professional.

2) we have SDRs that set meetings for our sales people and they use each reps unique meeting link. They would like to be "CC'd" on the meetings so they can see how many they've book, when they are, and join if necessary. 


@hubspot pleaseeee 


Calendly is also able to do that. Would be a great feature.


You can't even log a meeting with more than one participant from the same company.  I'm having to build my own interface to use the API for this simple feature.