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I want to add multiple contacts to a meeting using my meetings link

I'd like a way to add additional emails when using the meetings link for two reasons:

1) when I set the meeting for my contacts, sometimes they ask me to include more than one person at their company. Instead of having the option to add another participant, I have to forward the additional contacts to sent invite -- doesn't look very professional.

2) we have SDRs that set meetings for our sales people and they use each reps unique meeting link. They would like to be "CC'd" on the meetings so they can see how many they've book, when they are, and join if necessary. 

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I too would like this option of adding emails from the same company to attend a meeting. Not sure how this can happen.

The way AJ in customer support answered my question was"


"As it turns out, currently the way the tool is designed, there isn't a way to add multiple team members to a meeting using the meetings link. For a contact to add their team member to a meeting, the contact that books the meeting will need to navigate to the meeting event within their calendar and add the additional team member within that calendar event"


So I'll have to try this option for now. 


I'd like for the perrson scheduling the session to be able to add participants to the invite too. Expecting them to forward the link to their coworkers is not working. They should be able to add participants on the scheduling screen.


We are looking to have customers book training on our platform through the meetings tool. That said, sometimes multiple individuals need to attend training, and it's more efficient to have the client booking add their teams in as they are booking the training. 


Somebody knows if this option is available now? 
Hubspot should do this! (please). 

This idea wil be pretty usefull. 

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Hey everyone, I found a second ideas forum post here:


It looks like that was last updated in April 2020. I'd recommend commenting and upvoting there as well to keep the momentum going on this feature request 🙂

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I too would like to have this feature that is available for FREE in Calendly.


We installed Hubspot, migrated from calendly and LITERALLY THE FIRST MEETING that was ever booked required multiple people to be added by the guest. 


So now they are scheduling via their own solution... nightmare....


Would be helpful for sure!


Following. This is a critically important feature that is needed.


This seems like such basic functionalityl.  I didn't even check when I moved over to Hubspot for this as I simply assumed people could add other participants to the booking.  Please get this sorted Hubspot!!!


Hey everyone, as we would love to use the calendar to schedule sales events and have people choose a time and date of their convenience it would be amazing to have this feature. Display only the times selected by the organizer and let multiple people book it. That way you easily have a guest list and a lead machine. 


Our contacts currently reach out to us directly about adding team members to our reporting meetings, then we manually invite each contact. This feature would be extremely valuable and could save us some time!


Recently started trying to use this with our partners and clients. It's not nearly as easy as Calendly to accomplish the same thing... Please add this ASAP. A simple, 'Add Guests' option is all we really need here...


I need the option to add multiple people in a calendar page.  All data says the more a deal is multi-threaded the better chance it has to be won. I want to add people and not leave it to the potential client. PLEASE ADD FEATURE!


This feature would be great.  Calendly has this and it's great.

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Yes this is needed as Calendarly does this and people keep asking for it.


This would definitely be hugely helpful. It is the only reason we have ever considered swicthing back to Calendly.


It is pivotal to let the guest booking the meeting add additional guests.


It would also be great to default the addition of internal folks. For example, for every meeting booked through this link, I want to make sure my coworker is also included. You can currently have the meeting link ensure two calendars are available, but you cannot automatically have the other person invited as far as I know.


Adding my frustration to the mix here. There are several, very key and important meeting booking features that are missing. This being one of them. (The other being the inability to book a meeting within Hubspot, not using the links, FOR someone). Hubspot is supposed to be for sales, yes? We are paying good money and still have to deal with "workarounds" for basic necessities. The only reason we are not backing out now is because we have sunk so much time and money into this, it would be even worse if we did. If we had known that this was not available, we would not have agreed to the product. Yes, shame on us for not asking, but, really, it would be like asking a burger joint if they have ketchup. 


I personally would LOVE to see this option happen for meetings. 


2. Allowing a single attendee to include multiple contacts/colleagues when scheduling a meeting. This might include an additional field within the flow to allow an attendee that is scheduling a meeting to insert the email addresses of colleagues that should also attend. Upon creation of the scheduling page, all of these contacts would be included in the Meetings experience. This use-case is likely more in-line with the way Meetings works today, and would hopefully require less effort by our team to build.


I would love to see the option of adding a CC to the meeting forms so that we can send the event notification and meeting booked to two people in our organization. If one can't take the meeting them the other one would.