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I want a pony



I want a pony.


I discussed this after my initial request to sync with Salesforce had been resolved excellently by HubSpot Technical Support. So, since that was done to my satisfaction, I asked for a pony. I was told that I cut out a bit and to please repeat what I said, so, I restated my request and was told, unfortunately that that cannot be done 驚いたネコ


I was then told that it would be "so awesome if I could make a pony gallop across your screen right now." I agree. I said I would file this as a ticket in HubSpot Ideas. So I am.


I think that it would largely be agreed that we work pretty hard and that we deserve ponies.


If you agree, pleaseee share this with your teammates and vote this up. We want ponies. We each deserve a pony. We demand ponies. Give us our ponies.

February 15, 2018 02:48 PM

This has now been escalated to the HubSpot founding team and we are doing what we always do:  Planninfg to discuss over a nice dinner this evening and figuring out the optimal approach for making this a HubSpot strategic imperative.


As you know, we like to Solve For The Customer.



Re: I want a pony - changed to: In Planning
February 15, 2018 01:13 PM

changing status to "in planning"

February 15, 2018 01:01 PM

@ron_kagan we've been discussing this more on the Product Management team and (characteristically) have a few follow up questions, if that's alright.


How much riding experience do you have? Have you only been on a dude ranch trail ride or have you taken a fair number of riding lessons?


Do you have a great riding instructor or good friends that have horses that will be there for you to help you get started in the horse world? Have you spent enough time in the saddle that you can honestly say you are not afraid of horses and are ready to take on the responsibility of owning one?


Am you ready for the time commitment? Unlike a dirt bike a horse can’t be left in the barn when you don’t feel like going out for a ride. Do you have the time to ride the animal regularly, week after week, year after year? Does it fit into your lifestyle?


Where will you keep the animal? Are you willing to commute to a barn or horse keeping facility if the horse is not kept at home? If the animal is kept in a stall, can you honestly make the time commitment to get a horse out daily? Every day?


Are you ready for the financial commitment? Have you investigated the true cost of owning a horse? Considered the hidden costs; things like a truck and trailer, unexpected vet bills (believe us, they will occur), travel expenses and horse supplies and feed in general?


If you can honestly answer these questions with a resounding YES, then please contact us with your home (or stable) address and top three choices for breed of pony.

February 15, 2018 08:53 AM

Would a pony-themed Community badge be of interest to you @ron_kagan?

February 15, 2018 06:52 AM

@bradmin depending how many pony we talking here we can work something out, hmu.

February 15, 2018 06:46 AM

Hi #teampony it's Christopher from the Product team.


As Dane suggested, we recommend the Cornify approach here. The combination of lightweight implementation and striking visual impact lead to what we hear is the desired experience for the majority of community members wanting a compelling equestrian/magical experience in HubSpot, on demand.


Here's the Cornify Chrome Extension (not published by HubSpot - we will try to get the author into the Connect program).


- Christopher O'Donnell


I love the social-good thinking @HannahGoldberg! Proceeds from the above laid-out plans should definitely go towards these!


@dharmesh, I will see you with my entire team (and pony, Douglas) at #INBOUND2018. I am happy to speak about it at Inbound to prospective HubSpot customers as needed or anyone else for that matter. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I've found my herd with you all. Thank you for running wild with me.








enjoy your pony Ron! 🙂






just reaching out to say this just made my Monday morning at the office and you guys rock.


Give ponies to the world!


Ron, you're awesome, marry me. I will come on a pony.



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Image result for jumping goat gif


Ponys are a great start... but what we really need are baby goats.

They are a much better solution to the problem at hand.


BTW... I just joined the community because of this thread. 🙂


1) Monday made. Ponies for everyone.

2) I agree with @robbluther, we also need goats.


Google gives us ponies... I mean... is Google > than HubSpot? Because I feel like that's where we stand at the moment on the issue of ponies. 

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@SarahN Ponies and Goats aside... I think I want a bite of whatever sandwich you are eating in your profile picture...




@robbluther - It's from Pizza People in Phoenix. They got new management and don't make it anymore. You can live vicariously through my sandwich having-ness though. 


This is the largest current feature gap we're experiencing w/ hubspot. Please @dharmesh we're desparate for ponies! 


April 1st is coming up. Might be a nice day to add that galloping pony for real... 😮

#justsaying #teampony


Can we have the option for other animals as well?


It's a shame that these posts get upvotes but not actual problems that HubSpot has 😬

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But back to ponies! Do we want a nice pony, or one like Naughty Ed to keep things interesting?




Hi @ron_kagan! I asked ChatSpot if it could give you a pony running across a computer screen and this is what it came up with 🦄 🙂i want a pony.jpeg


Even with the very little riding experience I have, I would still like a pony. With this pony, I will educate people on the importance of caring for a pony the same way we must care about our CRM data cleanliness. We wouldn't let our CRM starve of clean data, would we? In the same way, we wouldn't let our pony starve. We will feed our ponies the best apples, oats, carrots, and grasses as nutritionally required. Dear HubSpot Team, I promise to take great care of my pony, just as I promise to take great care of my CRM data.