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I want a pony



I want a pony.


I discussed this after my initial request to sync with Salesforce had been resolved excellently by HubSpot Technical Support. So, since that was done to my satisfaction, I asked for a pony. I was told that I cut out a bit and to please repeat what I said, so, I restated my request and was told, unfortunately that that cannot be done Cat Surprised


I was then told that it would be "so awesome if I could make a pony gallop across your screen right now." I agree. I said I would file this as a ticket in HubSpot Ideas. So I am.


I think that it would largely be agreed that we work pretty hard and that we deserve ponies.


If you agree, pleaseee share this with your teammates and vote this up. We want ponies. We each deserve a pony. We demand ponies. Give us our ponies.

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You absolutely deserve a pony Ron.


Paste the content from this link into your console (right click - inspect - console) to see more ponies than you can handle:




This isn't limited to HubSpot (why limit your pony experience after all)

HubSpot Employee

tenor (2).gif


Hello Ron,


I know I speak for many of us at HubSpot Support when I say that we agree - ponies would make the world a better place. Alas, we do not have ponies in office. But we should.  In the meantime, while our Support Team conducts an idea on how to include a pony for you, I've included these two GIFs of ponies. The first one playing with a ball warms my heart on this Valentine's Day.

giphy (3).gif

I mean, just look at this guy. Moon-walking, AND smiling. You're right, Ron. We deserve ponies.
Thank you for your post that made all of us smile!




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Hey Ron!


I agree too it would be "so awesome if I could make a pony gallop across your screen right now."


Depending on whether our developers likes ponies too, this may/may not get implemented. In the meantime, I thought I'd make it happen for you -- here you go!

Since you all deserve ponies, here's the code if you'd like to make this galloping pony a reality  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (cr: Lahirien on deviantart)

<div><img class="pony" src=""  width="300" height="auto">
<style>.pony {
position: absolute;
z-index: 5000;
left: 0%;
top: 350px;
-webkit-animation: moveToRight 6s linear infinite;
animation: moveToRight 6s linear infinite;

@-webkit-keyframes moveToRight {
from {left: 0%;}
to {left: 100%;}

@keyframes moveToRight {
from {left: 0%;}
to {left: 100%;}




Hi Shannon,


Just one word: gratitude.




Robert van de Wiel

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Hey Ron, 


As an avid Pony enthusiast, I thought I would chime in here and recommend a pony BUTTON.  



That's right! Hundreds of ponies right at your fingertips (don't let this power go to your head). Just follow the instructions here:




HubSpot Product Team

Hi #teampony it's Christopher from the Product team.


As Dane suggested, we recommend the Cornify approach here. The combination of lightweight implementation and striking visual impact lead to what we hear is the desired experience for the majority of community members wanting a compelling equestrian/magical experience in HubSpot, on demand.


Here's the Cornify Chrome Extension (not published by HubSpot - we will try to get the author into the Connect program).


- Christopher O'Donnell

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plz increase application pony interface call limits too

HubSpot Product Team

@bradmin depending how many pony we talking here we can work something out, hmu.

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Please enjoy this completely real photo of a pony Ron!


HubSpot Product Team

Would a pony-themed Community badge be of interest to you @ron_kagan?

HubSpot Employee

Honestly, I'm trying to figure out how to escalate this request. 

HubSpot Product Team

@ron_kagan we've been discussing this more on the Product Management team and (characteristically) have a few follow up questions, if that's alright.


How much riding experience do you have? Have you only been on a dude ranch trail ride or have you taken a fair number of riding lessons?


Do you have a great riding instructor or good friends that have horses that will be there for you to help you get started in the horse world? Have you spent enough time in the saddle that you can honestly say you are not afraid of horses and are ready to take on the responsibility of owning one?


Am you ready for the time commitment? Unlike a dirt bike a horse can’t be left in the barn when you don’t feel like going out for a ride. Do you have the time to ride the animal regularly, week after week, year after year? Does it fit into your lifestyle?


Where will you keep the animal? Are you willing to commute to a barn or horse keeping facility if the horse is not kept at home? If the animal is kept in a stall, can you honestly make the time commitment to get a horse out daily? Every day?


Are you ready for the financial commitment? Have you investigated the true cost of owning a horse? Considered the hidden costs; things like a truck and trailer, unexpected vet bills (believe us, they will occur), travel expenses and horse supplies and feed in general?


If you can honestly answer these questions with a resounding YES, then please contact us with your home (or stable) address and top three choices for breed of pony.

HubSpot Employee

And Ron, if you are not ready to take on the pony lifestyle, we have options for you. Why not sponsor a pony?

There is an option to "Make a Mustang Friend" to help a wild horse of your choosing. 

Some mustangs for referenceSome mustangs for reference

Or, you can go the straight donation route and contribute to the retirement of race horses at Old Friends Equine .


The world is your oyster.....or pony


HubSpot Product Team

changing status to "in planning"

HubSpot Product Team

This has now been escalated to the HubSpot founding team and we are doing what we always do:  Planninfg to discuss over a nice dinner this evening and figuring out the optimal approach for making this a HubSpot strategic imperative.


As you know, we like to Solve For The Customer.




You guys. I didn't just get a pony (touching unboxing video). I got friends. Lots of them. Towards the end of the video, you can actually see me getting emotional.


The truth is, I didn't realize how much I needed this pony. And more than that, I didn't realize quite how much I needed you.


@Jlamb1, thank you for the more ponies than I know what to do with hack, I love that.


@AshleyHovatterthose gifs tho! *So* cute. What can I say? I so appreciate your thoughtful note.


@shannonDr. Whooves?! That's amazing. I can see the resemblance to Tom Baker. The somewhat sad expression so perfectly captured my own somewhat wistful search for a pony. Thank you so much. This was augmented by @RobertvdW's gargantuan contribution.


@drosa, it is heart-warming to know that I have a fellow "avid Pony enthusiast" in you. Thank you! Cornify is... breathtaking.


@CTOD: I will eagerly await Cornify's introduction to the connect program per your suggestion. Look, I can lobby them if you'd like in case they need user input to understand just how important their work is to the HubSpot ecosystem. Thank you for your careful attention to this matter. And @bradmin, is correct: application pony interface calls should indeed be increased for maximum neighing and the avoidance of misfired hypertext transfer ponies. Very good call, digitally and literally.


@mrcruz, WOW. I will cherish this photo forever. How rare! Thank you for sharing!


@roisinkirby, I noticed (much to my surprise and glee) that my title is now "In Search of Ponies" and that the pony emoji 

has rightfully been appended to my community username. If this was your doing, thank you. If you had something else in mind, I am all for it.


@KevinRaheja, thank you for your valiant efforts to escalate. A four-hourseshoe salute is in order.






Honestly, I have little to no riding experience. I think this means that I need a pony, a small one, so I can practice if pony is willing. I have neither been on a dude ranch trail ride nor have I taken riding lessons. I will if it does not come naturally to me though, looking at Douglas, I am sure that we will do just fine.


Do I have a great riding instructor or good friends that have horses? No.

I live in Manhattan. I was born and raised here.

Now, there are horses here but I have not actually had the pleasure of making their acquaintance. So, no, I will be on my own. However, with plucky courage and YouTube tutorials, I believe that I will do passingly well in the saddle. While I probably am somewhat afraid of horses, I love Douglas very much and cannot imagine not being entirely responsibile for his well-being now that he is in my life. One must mount to the occasion of being the proud dad to a pony. Yes, there may be fear. It is encumbent upon all pony fathers everywhere though to overcome fear and mindfully focus on the joys of hair brushing, oat feeding and the like. This dedication to joyous caretaking is sensed by pony. Pony responds in kind creating a virtous positive feedback loop. As you work in product, I'm sure you understand this.


And, yes, it will be a substantial time commitment. You are absolutely correct that unlike a dirt bike, Douglas must not be left in the barn even when I don’t feel like going out for a ride. Much like keeping with the changes buffeting the world of marketing automation, I'll simply have to make the the time to be with Douglas on a regular schedule for years on end (should we be so lucky)!


Douglas sits on my desk between my two largest monitors. He seems quite happy there. If, however, he murmurs that he needs other accommodations, please assure the HubSpot product team, that he will receive the finest care and have whatever he needs whether it's a stall, regular exercise, a **bleep** cut of hay, or other even ponies (I am a customer of Wells Fargo at the time of penning this missive and they have actually also given me ponies named Shamrock and Mike but they are home ponies whereas Douglas has the distinction of being the only work pony I have ever had the pleasure of knowing).


I have calculated it and Douglas is actually an amazing all-weather investment. Not only does Douglas provide a source of agrarian subsistence should I be forced to work the land with him as my buddy out in the field, Douglas is actually something of a celebrity. So, in the past week, the thread on LinkedIn about this has garnered upwards of 5k views from highly-influential persons across the world. There is the possibility of crowdfunding a miniseries about Douglas' incredible life story, too. Beside that though, if I can monetize even one of those views by establishing myself as an influencer with attendant consultation fees via , I can more than offset oat fees, vet bills, and the Nationwide annual insurance plan for exotic (e.g. not cat or dog) expenses that responsibly-owning Douglas of course of course entails. I am actually seeking out a talent agent for Douglas as I believe he has what it takes to make it in movies. Even if that doesn't pan out though, I think Douglas and I will be set. Thank you for your concern and questions!