I Want to Copy and Paste a List to a Workflow Trigger as Individual Criteria

I'm looking to input a large amount of  postal codes into an If/then branch based on a contact's postal code.  No matter how I format my data and spacing between postal codes, it will paste whatever option I input as one option, even if its 100 postal codes. I want to be able to copy and paste the postal codes and have them automatically split into to individual criteria, so for example a list of 100 postal codes would add 100 separate criteria for the workflow trigger, instead of 1 criteria for 100 postal codes like I get now.


When you're creating a property this is already a feature, you can post a list and Hubspot properly formats it into a dropdown box for example.  But this same design feature was not added to a place like Workflows, where it would be well needed for people who need to upload or paste a specific list of criteria to set off triggers.

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This would be very helpful. Also with lists. Having to input 100+ countries and cities individually into the filters each time manually without the ability to copy/paste is extremely time-consuming.