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Hyperlink using a URL personalisation token

I have created a custom property for a unique customer URL which I'd like to use in emails, directing customers back to their specific log in. While when inserting the personalisation token within an email works - we see the full URL. I'd like to be able to hyperlink some text  (e.g. log in 'here' ) or an image (to act as a CTA).

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Looking for help on a similar issue...


I need to insert a thumbnail image and link to a youtube video. The link of the video is different for each person receiving the email, so personalization is needed. The youtube link lives in a property token. The end result would be Person X would receive an email with a video thumbnail image linked to that video.
Any workarounds would be tremendously helpful!!


Absolutely... we need the ability to add personalization tokens to buttons and links.



I would love to be able to do that as well.

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Upvoting this for a customer too.

Great idea from @sqirjazi  (:

Tried that and it works. This code will pull the link from a contact's last registered webinar property if it is available!

Still would love to see us able to use personalization token officially in CTA. Thanks.


please add this easy feature, even adding the ability to add a property field to the create-link.URL field in the email template edite woould be a win in itself


sqirjazi, your solution is great and I'll note that it seems to works when you append a personalization token to a full URL. For example, the screenshot bellow is for a button that links to a URL with a URL parameter "customer" that pulls in the ContactID personalization token. This solution may not work for every situation, but it should help some people on this thread!


Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 5.32.42 PM.png

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Attempting to add a personalization token in URL: https://{{firstname}}  (subdomain) results in a dropped personalization/broken link. What am I doing wrong?


@RandyMilanovic you need to include {{contact.firstname}} instead of {{firstname}}. Hubspot needs to know what object the property is referring to. 


So entire URL should be https://{{contact.firstname}} . 


Hope that helps.


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Aha. I'll try that. Thanks @codipeterson !


Thank you!


Yeah we need this too, as we want to personalize enrolling for our clients !
HubSpot developer please do ❤️


@LMarcus's solution (here) works great for what I need. 


I wanted to pull properties out of Hubspot that populate forms & dynamic page content.


(I'm a pretend-developer using Elementor Forms URL Query Variables)


That does the trick.


Thanks to @codipeterson for the tip on clearing up the object referral URL parameter


I have tried updating the HTML code of the email with this, and I am able to hyperlink the text with the personalization token


<div><a href="{{ personalization_token('contact_webinar_join_url', 'Webinar URL') }} " target="_blank" rel="noopener">Webinar URL</a></div>


Hope this helps!


+1 I need to be able to personalize links in email templates!


I've been complaining about this for years.

We NEED this feature in Hubspot yesterday.


We need it asap

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@sqirjazi and @Dave_Kennedy thanks to you both, it works as a charm!!


So you guys aren't going to believe this... I found a workaround for the 1:1 emails (non Marketing emails) in Hubspot. 


I need to use a contact property to send custom proposals. The URLS for these are long and nasty looking. The problem is that if you try to just a plain customization token in the URL for the template, Hubspot tries to clean up the URL and breaks it. 




becomes this as soon as you save it as Hubspot tries to linkify it....




What's frustrating is the something like{{contact.proposal_link}}  does works but I can't attach my full proposal URLs to a parameter. 

Here's the crazy part... If you put a link on an image it works. Hubspot doesn't try to linkify your URL Parameter. 

So I can create an image that is a link to the proposal and the URL will pull unadulterated from my URL param. 


1. Add a button image to your email template you're using in sequences

2. Add a URL hyperlink

3. Use the syntax {{contact.yourproperty}}

4. Save and test it. 



I have concerns for how this will show up on my end user's devices and email clients. But it's a workaround I will have to go with. 

@JLevin9 @CapnKorb @SIlves - Might help you guys. 


Thank you all for sharing!

Use the following details to easily put Personalized URLs (PURLs) into your emails.

For context, I built the below code to prompt known exhibitors to book their booths for our yearly show. For exhibitors that have no exhibiting history with us, we wanted to push them to send an email to one of our team members.


Put this code into a button or image and it will work as of this date (11.6.2023):


{{ personalization_token('contact.exhibitor_renewal_purl', '[Event Name] Booking Code Request') }}&utm_medium=email&utm_source=hubspot&utm_campaign=eventyear_exhibitor&utm_content=em1


I've bolded the sections that you'd need to replace and the blue text is a great optional generic solution in case a contact doesn't have a PURL link in their data property.

IF you're using a company field and not a contact field, replace the red section accordingly.

Green section is utm codes for conversion tracking and is also optional; replace underlined sections with your details if you want to emulate the utm codes.


The "exhibitor_renewal_purl" personalization token prepopulates for exhibitors who have exhibited at our events in the past, and the "mailto:" details convert the button into an email to our internal sales team for contacts with no exhibiting history.


Here's a sample of how it looks in the builder:




@JLevin9 @SIlves @JakeKnight83 @Vila_Otis - I hope this helps!