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Hyperlink using a URL personalisation token

I have created a custom property for a unique customer URL which I'd like to use in emails, directing customers back to their specific log in. While when inserting the personalisation token within an email works - we see the full URL. I'd like to be able to hyperlink some text  (e.g. log in 'here' ) or an image (to act as a CTA).

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Hi ZINEme, 


I just tried in my own portal and was able to add a URL within a property as the URL of a link. Here's an example

<p>Here's your <a href="{{ }}">personalized link</a>.</p>.


For this example I took the HubSpot default property "Website", hence ; feel free to adapt it with your own custom property pointing to the specific login of your customers.


Let me know if this works!






Our team is facing the same challenge.    In the past (i.e. with tools like SalesLoft / Yesware), we relied heavily on the ability to create custom urls in the manner mentioned above.    As it stands, much of of messaging looks clumsy with the full hyperlink text in the body (and we're holding off alltogether on many highly effective templates that we used to use) 


I totally agree, the ability to hyperlink a deal property in merketing emails and templates would speed up our workflow. We send design decks as links, which we have to manually hyperlink each time instead of an automated email.


I'd love to have this feature as well!


Totally agree.

We tried to use Personolized links (created by API) in Buttons for Marketing Emails, but it didn't work. We can't insert personalization token into CTA, Buttons & Images (especially useful for discount or code promotions).



I guess in general it would make sense to allow passing properties in any URL


Hi Emmanuel, your solution works. Thank you.


For the group, simply edit the HTML code of the email (Advanced / Show Code) and add the referenced script:
<a href="{{ contact record unique field }}">link text</a>


Our team would love this feature, too.
One of several use cases would be posting links inside the chat
that are based on contact properties.


@Dave_Kennedy I am not an HTML person, so help me, do I just add that specific line of code?


<a href="{{ contact record unique field }}">link text</a>


I'm trying to implement something similar:


I wanted to pass tracking to GA when someone clicks a link in the email 


link is{{contact.hs_email_domain}}&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=press+release&utm_content=email1


it's working


is there a way to have a backup link in HTML in case this field is blank for some users?

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This would be good to have, especially for those coming from Pardot!

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Just wanted to share this idea: you can drop the personalization token into the "link URL" of the CTA like this {{contact.insert internal token name here}}  I tried this in my portal and it worked.


It is also important to note that a button and a CTA in an email have very different functionality. A CTA will be tracked as it's own individual click but a button is essentially the same as using an image and or a link.  Just something to be aware of because it can cause confusion - they don't work in the same way.


 Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 5.58.49 PM.png


The above solution could work when you have a full working URL as a property value that can be passed into this button link field like shown above.

But it seems that it is not currently possible to use such syntax with the parenthesis to use a property as a part of this link (e.g.{{property_name}} and it would be very useful if this were enabled, while making sure (as someone mentioned here also) that there is a fallback value or it gets omitted when a contact receiving such a link has an unknown value for this property.


Great idea. We could really use this!


@sqirjazi  - Thank you for your solution. That worked for us! 

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@codipeterson Awesome, glad this was helpful!


I have the same issue: I want to use a hyperlink and add a personalization Token. 


The solution that @EmmanuelC  provides works for Marketing-Mails, but not in 1:1-Mails, nor in Snippets or in Mail-Templates for my Sales Team. As a result I can't use personalized hyperlinks in Sequences. 


Please enable the same behavior in 1:1 Mails, Mail-Templates and Snippets, would be very appreciated. 

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Hi team, upvoting this on behalf on a customer. It's great that personalisation tokens can populate marketing and sales emails with values from the contact record.


That being said, it would be even better if sales emails could include personalisation tokens in the link URL for an image or hyperlink. Sequence emails can bring contacts to the customised page link without showing them the full URL in the email body.

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Need to be able to insert a token as part of the URL, not just the full URL.