Hyperlink Custom Property


It would be great if there was a custom property that could display a hyperlink like the one you see in All Deals table view. The ability to configure the displayed text, the URL, and whether or not to open the link in the current or a new window would be helpful.

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This would be a great idea 




My use case includes creating a second "company" field on the contact. Not only does my contact work for a company, but they are often associated with a volunteer organization, professional society, or some other organization/association that I would like to track the same way in which I can cross-reference their employer. At a minimum, creating a hyperlink field to the associated company page would be nice.


For my use case it would be really great if I could insert one or more hyperlinks into a custom text field.

The sweet GoTo icon is nice and would link to the first URL in my text. But I can't add another link and the text is not readable with long URL strings.

<b>Go <a href="www.google.de">to Google site</a> or go <a href="www.yahoo.com">to Yahoo site</a> if you want.</b>

Go to Google or go to Yahoo if you want.


My case is that my deal will be connected to one or more contracts inside our ERP system and I would add the links to the deal via API.


Thanks for undersatnding.