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Hubspot payments to allow for taxes & fees as a line item

The new Hubspot payment is an awesome feature that we were super excited to use, especially since it allows for ACH payments. Unfortunately we realized it won't allow you to charge any taxes in your quote if you want to use Hubspot Payments. This is a vital piece that I hope gets added soon or we won't be able to use it. I had planned on integrating this with our website to make an easy checkout process when a customer places an order with us. We will continue having to use Stripe or Quickbooks in the meantime.

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I agree with KNye, we were also super excited with The new Hubspot payment and were extremely disappointed to realize we can not charge tax with it.

I think It's beyond ridiculous to launch HS payment which can only use for USA customers without the possibility to charge tax, this feature at this current state will probably cause more tax-related troubles than help us improve the sales flow therefore at this moment the HS payment is useless for us.

In addition, when we contacted HS support they recommended adding the tax calculation amount to the product before we create a new payment which is also beyond ridiculous as we have hundreds of products already set in HS and there are 50 USA states with different tax rates, so basically, HS advise to duplicate our product library with all the tax rates possibility which could get to thousands of duplicate product.

HubSpot Product Team

Appreciate the feedback here @KNye and @DSpiegel! There are a lot of reasons why we don't currently support taxes like this, mainly revolving around compliance, accounting/reconciliation, some of the reasons @DSpiegel listed above and many more. 

All that being, this is very much on our product roadmap and it's something that we're likely going to be seeing towards the end of the year!


If you'd like to provide some more input as to exactly how you'd like this to work, I and the rest of product team would absolutely love to hear about it here if you'd be willing to share!


From an agency and partner perspective, some of our services are subject to state sales tax like web development, a key service line for us. Without the option to charge sales tax HubSpot payments is useless to us. We were excited to start using payments and have gone through all the work to set up workflows and the QuickBooks integration. Also without the sales tax option, we don't feel it's something we can recommend to our clients yet. 


Agreed. I just set up payments for our business and was so pumped to use this new feature to streamline some workflows but to my surprise I cannot add Sales Tax to our products. I can do so in QBO and will continue using this solution until Hubspot implements Sales Tax. 

HubSpot Product Team

Keep all of this feedback coming folks! I'd be more than happy to reach out directly as we approach this functionality to get you all early access. If this is something that you all are interested in, go ahead and DM me with your email and Hub ID and you'll be hearing from me or someone else on the Product team later this year!


I agree with apll the comments above.  I am CFO for a companies and we always have to pull it out of HS to invoice customers - if you could integrate payments with a sales tax company or acquire one.. problem would be solved.  Happy to help on how to make this work.. I have spent most of my career being interviewed by product teams, Intuit, SaasOptics, Avalara, Payroll, etc

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Any update on this? Collecting taxes is pretty critical.


Commenting on behalf of a customer - this is a crutial tool for many users! 


I'm so disappointed that I can't add sales tax to payments. I'm a new Hubspot user and feel like I got the old bait and switch. I've spent weeks setting everything up just to realize that I can't charge sales tax. Now I have so many regrets. I'm spending a lot of money on this system that's supposed to be able to do it all...except calculate sales tax? C'mon you're better than that.  I'm currently looking for other options that aren't Hubspot. I can't believe that taxes weren't part of the plan when you rolled out payments. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all - Joe here from the HubSpot Product team. I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their candid feedback on this idea and to share where we are with this ask.


Specifically as it relates to the original need raised by @KNye -- the ability to include a one-time tax on a quote that will be paid via HubSpot Payments -- we have this item in our Q3 2022 plan and are actively working on it for a late Q3/early Q4 release. To be clear, this means that the current Quotes functionality which allows you to manually write-in a tax amount will be supported. Additionally, we'll also support one-time fees from Quotes.


I know others here have expressed a need for automated tax calculations due to the complexity of calculating tax by location. We're currently researching this problem and are considering it for our 2023 roadmap; however, at this time it is unplanned. I would encourage those that need automated U.S. sales tax calculation to create a new Idea so we can measure support for this need (note: while there is some related conversation in this idea, this is more focused on solving for non-U.S. sales tax). Thanks all for your patience and I hope to share more progress soon!


Yes, sales tax is important.  We currently use Stripe on our other platform and have stripe calculating the sales tax automatically, but there is no such way to do this using hubspot payments or hubspot stripe integration.  We are stuck with using quickbooks for invoicing and also stripe for our cloud software.  Is there a way to allow stripe to calculate the sales tax and add it on at checkout time?