Hubspot new documents page UI is broken

The new Documents view released this week is still a huge step back for teams like ours who rely heavily on watching which material is getting the most views. T


The reporting view in your new dashboard view is only a few rows. Our sales team now have to cycle through pages 1,2,3,4 to see the data for each document which is ridiculous.


Such an incredibly poor user experience and UI from your design team. There is limited sorting functionality available now when it is critical to view the most recent documents being view and by whom.


The previous documents UI allowed us to sort documents by (most recently viewed, time) and why whom -- that view allowed us to have a complete snapshot of all of our documents and resources.


You've essentially taken functionality away from us which is totally unacceptable when you customers pay a premium for your product. At the very least you should allow users to switch back to the old view instead of taking it all away. Happy to take this to your management team and speak to them to explain the difficulty this change is causing us.


It would be great if you consulted with your users for feedback before rolling out such extensive changes to sales teams workflows. I don't often give feedback on products we use, but I we feel compelled to do so in this instance, it is that problematic



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