Hubspot calls counter

Hi, I would like to make a workflow that enrolls all contacts that my sales team tried to call (lets say 3 times), and the contact did not answer. I found the call picked up property, but it only a yes or no type. I dont want to enroll all contacts that havent picked up a call, ever, only those who have done this lets say 3 times. 

I understand I can make a costum property of a number type, but this would mean my sales team has to manually change this number every time someone doesn't pick up. They are using hubspot call, is there no way to get this number automatically?


The Hubspot support teams response was: 

At this point, we do not have this functionality that would provide us automatically with the number of calls that haven't been picked up.

I see how it would be a useful feature.


I would really like to see this feature possible, it would be a great help.