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Hubspot and Asana Integration create projects

Huge pain point is current integration only creates tasks not projects. We need the project created from deals we close in Hubspot, then after that we may have tasks we want to create. 


Also as these are new projects we want to create they don't already exist in Asana, but the workflow to create an Asana task wants you to select the project. Even if i manually create the project in Asana (as the above doesn't work to do this) not every deal i close will associate to the same project, quite the opposite they will all associate to different projects. So this integration actually does nothing to help us automate our process of winning a deal and marking as won in Hubspot then using that as the trigger to create that as a new project in Asana with all the products from the quote included as individual tasks. 

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Hey commenting for a customer here!

Currently, the Asana integration can only be used in workflows.

Furthermore, each action is linked to a specific project. This means that every single deal in the workflow is linked to the same project. As the user above mentioned, customers often need to link unique project to each deal.

Would love to see an expansion in terms of integration capability, thank you!


YES! and the due dates and assignees should be connected to the hub property data. Current options of a calendar picker for dates don't make sense if you are using a workflow. The due date will always be different. As an example, we would like to have an option like:

Due date: [x days from deal won date] 


also, the assignee may be different. As an example, we would like to have an option like:

Assignee: [deal owner]