Hubspot Video Form and CTAs

There are a couple of features that would be a necessity in order to make switching from an external video hosting company to Hubspot a viable option.


Firstly it would be useful to be able to select forms and call to actions that have already been created in Hubspot and not have to create new versions within the video options panel. There is currently no way to delete forms created in the video options panel and the forms that are created are limited to three fields, first name, last name and email.


Making form fields mandatory would be a key requirement in order to use the video form to gate content.

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Certainly an upvote for me. There must have been a technical reason why they couldn't use existing forms and CTAs with the video plugin. I also need the flexibility to custom-style the CTA (and form) so I can get it to cover the entire frame of the video (including leftover background, lingering text on the video, etc.) when it comes in. Otherwise, love the idea of building it right into the video it is just fairly limited now.

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Agreed. Especially with the required video form, no one will submit a form that is not required, thus making the function of forms on the video mostly pointless for us and just an extra click for the user.


Fingers crossed that new features will be coming soon to Hubspot video.

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Wistia can use Hubspot forms etc.. within their integration. I'm not sure why Hubspot can't use the same tech within their own software.

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An upvote from me as well, it'd be great to have both features.