Hubspot To Work Closely With SEO Audit Software such as SEMRush and Moz



I've been working through technical site audits provided by organisations such as SEMRush and Moz to improve our SEO. The problem is that many of the issues which are flagged and raised cannot be fixed from within Hubspot. Examples include:


- Title tag is missing or empty
- Duplicate title tag
- Duplicate content
- Duplicate meta descriptions
- Missing ALT attributes
- Low text to HTML ratio
- Low word count
- Uncompressed JavaScript and CSS files (even though HS say they do compress)
- Unminified JavaScript and CSS files (even though HS say they do minify)


Since content and SEO go hand in hand, it would be amazing if Hubspot could work closely with these providers to make it easier for technical issues such as site warnings, errors etc to be fixed from within Hubspot.

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- Unminified JavaScript and CSS files (even though HS say they do minify)


This is so true. I work on WordPress websites where HS javascripts are embedded and SEMRush site audits marks them as "warning: unminified JS"



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HubSpot Product Team

HubSpot has a new Recommendations Home in beta that will allow users to audit their site from within HubSpot. Within Recommendations Home users will be able to surface issues typically flagged by external tools (like missing page titles, meta descriptions, low word counts, and more) and prioritize their resolution. This tool will work for both HubSpot-hosted content as well as external content (provided that external sites have the HubSpot tracking code embedded).


The site audit functionality currently in beta was not built in concert with external providers as called out by this feature request. However, we are confident that HubSpot's Recommendations Home will help to serve the need mentioned here, and we are open to future collaborations down the line that will serve our customers best. Please reach out to me, @tilly, if you'd like more information about participating in this beta.

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Hi @tilly thanks for the response. Yes would be great to be involved in the beta of this. Please sign me up!



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hi @tilly , I would also like to join the beta. Thanks!

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very interested in the beta. 

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Interested in this too @tilly . How do I get on the beta?

HubSpot Product Team

I reach out directly with additional details to anyone expressing interest on this thread Smiley Happy If you haven't heard from me directly already after posting, please do let me know!

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@tilly please count me in on this beta! Thanks. Bit of a nightmare working through the site issues on semrush that do not seem fixable in HS. 

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Hi @tilly ,

is it possible to join the beta ?

thanks !

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@tilly  We would also like to join the beta if possible. 


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Hi @tilly , likewise we'd be interested in joining the beta if possible.




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@tilly  I would like to join the Beta

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Hi @tilly - If possible, we're interested in beta!

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Recommendations Home is now out of beta and accessible via Marketing > Planning and Strategy SEO