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Hubspot Support Help / Knowledge Base Widget - as a product for our own customers

In the support environment for Hubspot there is a help widget available with different functionalities:



- Top articles

- Contact support (opens a contact / chat / call form)
- View support tickets

- Browse Knowledge base:




You also have functionality that allows you to set a trigger anywhere else in Hubspot that will then open up this widget with the relevant KB article opened inside of it directly.


We are currently using the Service desk of a competitor that has a widget like this as a feature. It's a feature that is sorely missing in Hubspot Service Hub - as you can only link to KB articles through the chat widget. But this is not intuitive at all. 


Enabling users to browse the knowledge base and directly open articles from within the widget allows for a lot better self-help and reduces the amount of customer support requests.

Of course we do not have to convince Hubspot of it's value as you spend development time on custom building this solution for yourself.


Now it's time to make it available to your Service Hub customers as well 😉 

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I am looking for exactly the same thing.  there does not seem to be an integration where we can created this widget - it has to be custom coded which is going to take time.  


I am looking for a software solution to allow me to create my own widget on my site the same as the HubSpot Help option.  So far - no luck.