Hubspot Service Hub Customer Support Inbox

Provide a customer facing support inbox like you offer to Hubspot customers based on email domain of contact records; this also needs user accounts or SSO integration for each contact record.


So that our customers can see their Tickets we manage in Hubspot Service Hub. Zendesk offers this too.



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This is crucial.


I can't believe we don't have that yet.

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Yes, this is an important feature for Service Hub, provided by other helpdesk softwares such as Zendesk or Freshdesk.

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When we've been checking Hubspot, we were sure that we will get the exact same tool for customer service as Hubspot offers to their own clients.


Hope this can be implemented soon Smiley Happy 

JKelleher Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner
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Yes, please. We love Service Hub but this feels like a crucial missing feature. 

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I agree with all of the above! 

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Agree. This isn't really a proper ticketing system without some way for clients to interact with the ticket once they have submitted it.

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Spy on me Hubspot doesn't have it. It is the basic tool of a ticket manager. Everyone else has (zendesk, zoho, feshdesk, octadesk, ...).

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We agree with all the comments and upvotes here. This is a fundamental tool and urgently needed

Thank you for closing the gap asap.