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Hubspot Score Contact Details

It would be helpful to click into a contact and see why they have a certain hubspot score. For example, if there hubspot score is 65, it would list all the steps or actions that contact made in order to get that score.


I was looking under Property History inside a contact but it never really states why the score is moving up or down, it just says the score changed to a certain value and just states it's a "background task". It would be great if there was a place where it states everything that has caused a contact's score to be what it is. Like for example, Charles clicked an email so his score went up 2 points. Charles opens an email less than 2 days ago so his score went up 2 points, etc. Because looking at the image below, I'm really confused as to what's causing the score to move up and down when no actions are taking place. HubspotScore1.png
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Yes, I agree. Having this feature would be so helpful