Hubspot Reports - Auto Slideshow?

We just moved offices and are looking for new ways to display progress on our deals, and leads. We are a long time hubspot user, but recently got more in depth on CRM and Reports.


We have several flat screen TV's in the office and would love to have these auto run a slide show of selected Hubspot reports that can be updated weekly, daily or by the minute. Not sure if Hubspot has a solution for this?


Been looking into work arounds, such as using Apple's automator to take daily email reports and create a slide show, but I'm not a skilled enough programmer. An internal Hubspot solution within Reports would be ideal. The ability to just hit play and the slideshow would take over the screen!


Any feeback would be appricated.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi @DCL,


You can now export a PPTX file of any reporting dashboard. You can do a one-time export with the 'export' button on the dashboard or you can include this file in any recurring dashboard email that you set up using the 'Share' button on the dashboard. The following help articles have more information about setting this up:

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