Hubspot Owner Phone as a merge field

In our marketing emails, our call-to-action is to ask our prospect to call us. However, Hubspot does not provide the Hubspot Owner's phone field to be merged into the email template. This requires that a separate email and workflow for each sales rep, which totally defeats the purpose of having merge fields! 

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I completely agree. We would also like to use HubSpot Owner Phone Number as a personalization token in emails and landing pages for our contacts.

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Agreed. I run across this need almost everytime I create an email. I end up having to create multiple emails when sending. 

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We have created a work-around to this problem by having a "Territory" field in Hubspot as well as a "Marketing phone number", and then an automated workflow which automatically sets the "Marketing Phone number" based on the setting of "Territory".  Then we merge in the marketing phone number into our emails.  But this is still not ideal, because the signature is still "fixed" and so for any sales rep that works in multiple territories, their signature lists all their phone number for each territory. 

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We have been waiting for this to be added for a while now. It is impossible to customize emails with the owner's phone number and ask for prospects to call. All of our reps have setup their phone numbers in HubSpot, so you would think it would be easy to get this setup.

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Additionally, we use Postalytics to send direct mail through HubSpot workflows. Without this functionality, we cannot send personalized emails or direc tmail with phone numbers. HELP!

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Please please please find some time to add this. I have campaigns centered around allocation and personal outreach of reps, where the CTA is 'Call your rep'.


There's 80+ reps in the company. 


I'm not going to build 80+ workflows - or one workflow with 80+ branches - to set a Contact Owner Phone field based on who their Owner is.