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Hubspot NEEDS hotkeys! Especially for conversation inbox message management

Let's get some hotkeys for hubspot, especially for managing inbox messages.


Quick scenario: you have a bot setup to auto-reply to messages so you have a lot that you want to close and go to next-message. Unfortunately, the message list and the "Mark as closed" button are on opposite sides of the window. Being able to use a hotkey to next-message would really, really speed up the workflow in these situations!

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HubSpot Employee

As somebody that uses the HubSpot tools (particularly the conversations tool) on a daily basis, I think this would be a very HOT feature. Anything to effectively boost efficiency is a good update in my book! 🙂


please implmement keyboard short cuts for contact/deal/etc mangement activites. Also for task activities.


Upvote for adding hotkey especially in Inbox:

1. Mark as Spam

2. Disassociate the contact

3. Associate the contact

4. Create Deal

5. Mark as Close

6. Block and Detele Contact


I can't believe that this tool has zero keyboard shortcuts! Managing tickets purely with a mouse is a pain, and NOT ergonomic at all!