Hubspot Insights should find local data when you create a company, not just use the American data

When a company is created the data that is fetched by Hubspot Insights is almost always a phone number and office address in America. My business is in the UK and we only target UK offices. I would like to be able to set Hubspot Insights to fetch the company address and Phone number for the country I am targeting as US phone numbers and addresses are useless to us and will confuse our sales team.

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company enrichment has to become immediately a function that one can switch off. We have over 80% failor rate with german addresses. It costs us unnecessary money for solving wrong addresses. 

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Yes, totally agree. The same goes for us in Sweden. Not very usable data if it's all US.

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For those that found this on search... it would be much better to have one idea with a lot of activity. The largest thread on this seems to be here:


Let's work together to make HubSpot change this and work from that thread.