Hubspot Ideas - Separation from Forum/easier to search

Hi there, 
I had a suggestion for support today and they referred me to search and post here:

I went there and promptly searched for what I wanted to post about and the page changed from simply ideas to the general forum. There were a couple posts about the same thing and they had under 10 upvotes. At the bottom of one of them was a message from Hubspot: good idea. but please post it in the Hubspot Idea page where upvotes are aplenty. 

This confused me as I thought I had been searching in the Hubspot Ideas page. 
Turns out when you go to the Hubspot Ideas, and you search, you are redirected the general forums. And when I looked into how to post to ideas, it was not immediately obvious. 

I think you need more separation of Hubspot Ideas and general forums. Especially if you're going to ask people to take their posts from forum and post them in ideas. 

TL;DR - Hubspot Ideas and Hubspot Forums needs greater separation for ease of browsing.