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HubSpot's Global Privacy Control response mechanism

Does HubSpot have a mechanism for us to use which will a honor a website visitor's Global Privacy Control signal? More information regarding GPC signals can be found here https://www.**bleep**.com/resources/insights/220831-california-attorney-general-announces-settlement...


*This is CCPA related, not GDPR, but there was no CCPA label below. 

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July 27, 2023 02:28 AM

Support for GPC is now live for all HubSpot users! More details can be found in our Knowledge Base:

June 15, 2023 05:22 AM

Hi @HubSpotAlumni! This is great feedback, thank you very much for sharing. We've heard this feedback from a few other users as well, so it's something we are investigating for future iterations of this feature. 


As a further announcement, support for GPC is now in Public Beta for all HubSpot users. Super Admins can self-enroll their accounts into the beta using the steps listed here.

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May 22, 2023 11:10 AM

Hi everyone! I'm happy to share that we've moved to private beta with HubSpot's support for GPC. If you currently have a Marketing or CMS Professional subscription and above, you can request beta access by filling out this form:


Read more about support for GPC here:

February 27, 2023 02:37 AM

Hi everyone! Thanks for the additional comments here.


At this time, the plan is to offer no-code support for GPC signaling on both HubSpot-hosted and external websites using the HubSpot tracking code. We'll have Knowledge Base documentation created around this new feature once we are closer to launch. 


In the meantime, please continue upvoting this request. I'll be responding to some of the DMs I've received to participate in our early Alpha and Beta tests within the next month or two. 

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February 09, 2023 08:53 AM

February 09, 2023 06:26 AM

Hi @gregory! My name is Rada and I'm a product manager for HubSpot's cookie banner team. I'm happy to share that adding a GPC response mechanism to HubSpot is indeed something that is currently in development.


I'd love to get your direct input, so I'm sending you a DM so we can connect.  

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Hi @radapop . Following up on the question from HubSpot Alumni posted June 14th. ...."we can't identify who was identified as having a GPC signal, and being able to do so is critical for us to maintain a compliant database. (Context: we need to be able to exclude contacts with a GPC signal from our email marketing.)"  ... Any updates on this functionality? Also, how do we verify that the GPC signal is working as expected?