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We seem to have more serious design flaws in what Hubspot thinks is appropriate access for general users.

The two (2) I am highlighting today are in regards to links from the chats in Inboxes to any emails sent and from Tickets back to the chats.
  1. Inbox Chats to emails sent - One of our support team mentioned that he saw in the Inbox that an automated email was sent to a person to whom he was chatting. This was just an email to push the Contact to reply to their last response in a timely manner.  The issue is that the chat doesn't link to the email sent for him to see whether they opened it or not, rather it links to the workflow. 

    For him to be able to get to the email, we have to give Workflow edit access for a Customer support user to be able to reach the link to then read the workflow and workout which email was sent.

    We are never going to give workflow edit access to general support users. Any change they make could have cascading or detrimental effects on the way the business operates, require multiple components to need to be done manualls and cause havoc if they corrupt specialist code.

    It should just link directly to the email where one can then see whether it has been opened and when.
  2. Tickets to chat - The team can see the chat in the Ticket, View Conversation but then are prevented from getting the "View in Inbox" link to be able to immediately respond to the person in chat. Instead they have to go searching for the topic and the Contact to determine to which chat the ticket relates.

    As super Admin, I see View Conversations, View in inbox and then see the chat.

    For them to be able to see the View In Inbox link, Hubspot says we have to give them Account level access. Whoa!
If I grant Account level access, I can turn disable all of this:
However, this still gives them access to:
This is overkill just to get the link between Tickets and the corresponding chat.
We are never going to grant general support users access to system configuration.

HubSpot needs to separate system configuration from system view access. Make it easy for support people to do their job.