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HubSpot User is Out of Office

We have quite a number of workflows in HubSpot that classify, notify, assign tasks and owners.

If such users are out of office, processes get stuck in the dead end waiting for the users to eg come back from vacation.

We are using rotation in some cases to make sure that eg an initial follow up still takes place by a team member even if the initial user didn’t react in time.

We also added delays of 1 day to make sure the initially selected users had the opportunity to work on a task.

After that delay a rotation takes place.

Bad enough that the first user was out of office, the next that received the task via rotation was OoO as well.

We cannot delay and rotate again and again until we finally find one that actually works on the follow up action.

Please add an option where users (and as a fallback the team lead/delegate) can set themselves Out of Office and define their delegate to make sure that important workflows don‘t get stuck due to absence or at least get delayed by several days until rotation finally found a user.

It’s needed fast, ie before summer vacations start everywhere.
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@Arne Our team has been working on a new platform that gives HubSpot users/managers better ability to fully control contact/company/deal/ticket assignment including Out of Office status and working hours.

Update 11/18/22: We are now proud to announce we are listed on the HubSpot app marketplace where you can find more information about our solution! 


I would love to see something like this. In tech support it would be great to give people an automated response outside of office hours with a link to support guides on the web portal.


Agreed!  This is a feature that would really tie many things together.


In addition, being able to set workflows with the enrolment tiggers, based on times and days of the weeks, would be great. For example, we use Hubspot forms and want to accomondate the lead submissions when teams are in the office/when office is closed.


Our goal would be to create workflows with the enrolment trigger set on when form submissions are submitted (based on the time and day of the week). This would then allow us to create workflows to say if the lead submission is between the hours of 08:00 - 18:00 and the day is Monday - Friday (working hours) enrol contacts (submissions) into this workflow with actions to accomondate our process. And then, for another workflow, to enrol contacts (submissions) outside of these times/days (non-working hours) to do a different set of actions to accomondate when the team/user are back in the office.


If anyone already has workflow's or another way to achieve the above, please could you comment below.     


@JSlater we're working on a very similar use case! Would love to hear if anyone suggests something to you that works for your needs.


Ideally we could use the workflow settings to only run a workflow within certain days/hours, however the problem with that is that just controls when the workflow *actions* occur, not when the workflow will run/enroll altogether. If we were able to control when enrollment happened (within those windows), we could have two workflows 1) daytime hours 2) overnight hours, and then just suppress them against each other (if in one workflow, don't enroll in the other, and vice versa).


We're SO close HubSpot! Help us!


We can use a workflow to make an OOO message, but the contacts must be subscribers.  If they are not, they wont enroll and won receive the message.

I see posts started in 2019.  In 2022, they are still no features for an OOO message.  I think it should be a minimum to have. My 2 cents ;-)))


Holidays are coming......

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This would be extremely helpful to make managing automations easier when people are out


YES! We absolutely need this function!


really a must have feature...


This would be a great feature! 


@JHutchinson6  We've built a HubSpot integration that solves this problem! We've just been accepted and listed on the HubSpot app marketplace where you can find more information about the solution!