HubSpot User is Out of Office

We have quite a number of workflows in HubSpot that classify, notify, assign tasks and owners.

If such users are out of office, processes get stuck in the dead end waiting for the users to eg come back from vacation.

We are using rotation in some cases to make sure that eg an initial follow up still takes place by a team member even if the initial user didn’t react in time.

We also added delays of 1 day to make sure the initially selected users had the opportunity to work on a task.

After that delay a rotation takes place.

Bad enough that the first user was out of office, the next that received the task via rotation was OoO as well.

We cannot delay and rotate again and again until we finally find one that actually works on the follow up action.

Please add an option where users (and as a fallback the team lead/delegate) can set themselves Out of Office and define their delegate to make sure that important workflows don‘t get stuck due to absence or at least get delayed by several days until rotation finally found a user.

It’s needed fast, ie before summer vacations start everywhere.
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Hi Arne


Great idea, just came to this conclusion too that this is what we need. Similar use case as you posted already.


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This is 100% needed and I amazed more teams haven't faced problems with this!


Hubspot should just have an 'out of office' setting which either opts them out of workflows or passes over them in the rotation list.


Having the OOF option is a must, I have 20 workflows I need to adjust each time...


Would really appreciate this feature!


Having the same problem. Truly need an easy functionality that can set a user to "out of office"!


100% necessary feature. 

We have the automation where the lead is rotated between the owner (team) depending on the stage in the pipeline.

If a member of the team goes for a two week holiday the tasks and follow-up would be missed. 

Each user should be able to set his status as "out of office" or "on holiday" and be excluded for the holiday period from workflows.


We definitely need this. Please fast track if possible as it is cumbersome to manage large teams without this feature.




I agree. We want to make sure that tasks are taken over in case of an out of office colleague. Been searching for a solution for hours, but no luck so far.


Same here, we have 28 users going OOTO on variable basis and it always takes a few hours to remove them from teams, workflows, contact ownerships, notifications etc.


Would be good to allow each user to set themselves as OOTO and place a backup user who takes over any associations for the time being.


Yes, as we are all going on holiday again this function would be valuable again! Please consider having this done, there are already 55 upvotes and counting. 

Here is a similar comment, please have a look at this one as well. (And for the other people in the community, make sure to upvote that as well 🙂


This is an urgent feature for a lot of companies. Workflows are tied to individual salespeople in many cases, and we have to account for automation when they are out of office. 


I desperately need a way to assign to a backup person (workflow automation + associated tasks), and then assign them BACK once they are back in office.


It's hard for me to believe this isn't a thing, because how else do you handle someone leaving for PTO? There are plenty of customers who are under that person who are mid-workflow, as well as newly assigned.


This is an urgent feature!


Critical to running the business smoothly.



We absolutely need this feature not only for workflows and tasks but also for tickets and conversations. 

We are now in the situation when a co-worker didn't know somebody is OOO and re-opened the ticket -> the ticket is stuck until somebody is back. 


I use the workaround with changing the team, but when you have multiple forms, channels, inboxes etc - it becomes a nightmare to remember the list of all places where you need to change the team as well. 



This would be very helpful for remotely working international teams. 



+1 It would be great if people that are OOF can adjust it in the portal. It will save us a loooot of manual work!