HubSpot Usability / User Interface Issues - top 10

These items impact most/all categories - Where should users look for UI/UX issues & fixes?

HubSpot UI/UX: User Interface - Experience Issues

  1. No single click or KB access to common pages like Contacts & Deals
  2. Default column sorts (header clicks) for alpha fields should default to A-Z on first click
  3. VERY Inconsistent "save" strategy and icon location
  4. No auto-save or notice of unsaved changes when leaving a page with edits (ie: contact)
  5. No Undo in email editor (and property/data entry pages) to undo accidental deletes
  6. No recurring task capability
  7. Pop-up window behavior
    1. Pop-up windows cannot be sized or moved (even in the email editor)
    2. Changes made in most pop-ups do not auto-save and no unsaved changes warning
    3. Pop-ups do not automatically close (ie: contact preview) when changes are saved
    4. Contact preview: Changes are made in on the  right side of screen, then require mouseing diagonally across the entire screen to the bottom left to save, then back to the  upper right to close the pop-up - why not auto-sav or close after changes?
    5. Deals left sidebar: "Save" is at top left,,, opposite of contact right sidebar
    6. Notes: "Save" is a small grey icon below text window - easy to miss, no changes nag
  8. Contact/Company records view format is hard to scan or read quickly - need 2 columns
    1. (Label - Data) vs Data and Labels interspersed in a single column
  9. Too many ads & menu items for locked / unused features
    1. ie for Marketing Hub - should not see these in paid subscriptions
  10. No place to post UI/UX items in the HubSpot Community forums


HubSpot feature misses / nice-to-haves

  • Separate Leads flow (like SF, Insightly and many others)
  • Adjustable sidebar widths (and movable pop-up windows)
  • Native (and 2-way) contact sync with Outlook
  • Link to LinkedIn profile in contact records
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