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HubSpot USER csv export option

I have 60+ users that cross 4 regional teams in our HubSpot System.  It would be extremely useful to "Export" the list of users?  I want to export the names, data sort into regions and then send out to do a regular audit to ensure any staff that have left the business have been removed (i.e. contacts transferred to others) and access denied. 


Currently you can tick a box to "select all" but the only options with that is for "Editting permissions" or to "Remove" - an "Export list to cvs" button would be ideal! 

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September 13, 2023 08:55 AM

Thanks so much for the suggestions and comments here 🙏


Updating the status of this idea since exporting users is now a function in HubSpot:

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I couldn't agree more - the ability to have a list export of all the users... their particular permissions/settings... would make a great audit and validation tool.


Bob Wojtowicz



We have about the same amount of users spread out between 6 portals. It would be fantastic to export these users into a list. Also, to be able to add users to communications sent out via Hubspot for training purposes, etc. 


We need this option too. It would also be nice to see who has which certificates and the last time they logged in. 


Totally agree, I think this feature is a must-have for admins who have to monitor a team of agents. We need to know if and when they have activated their account, their settings and permissions, their email, their id, etc.


+ 1 here ! I have 95 users to update so having a quick export to csv would be very helpful to manage these accounts.

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Hi there - upvoted and commenting to get an update on this too 🙂 Thank you


AGREE! I have over 200 users in one portal, so this would be a lifesaver for me when sending updates on the account. Upload & Export. Thanks 🙂

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I would also also like this feature added in please? There would be great benefit in updating in bulk and exporting to review permissions.

Thank you


100% agree. I've taken this function for granted with my additional experience in Microsoft Dynamics.
It will be very helpful to have it in HubSpot for user  review / audit purposes. For now it is a workaround / copy and paste.  The function could save so much time.


Much needed! Hubspot, please get this out at the earliest!


I would aslo like to be to be able to report on which users can create and edit properties.  


YES! I have to do a monthly audit for our IT of 200 users and double check all their permissions are the same (import/export capability/admin privileges...etc.) and I have to CLICK INTO EACH ONE and is absolutely terrible.  This does not seem like a difficult ask to be able to export permissions...last login activity.  


I agree! I need to map all users to a corresponding text field with their full name for another system and now I'll have to run some monstrosity of a workflow to get this to sync.

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We have the same problem, we need to ensure permissions of different people and need to go one by one instead of being able to export the list


I think this feature is very much needed. Import Export of users with teams and roles is the only way to manage 200+ users in an enterprise environment. Additionally, there also should be a way to edit roles where names of roles are shown in a column and features as rows, allowing the admin to tick on/off each feature against a role. That ways, an admin can manage all roles and permissions from a single screen.


This feature is needed for annual account reviews and budget planning accross the organization. The workaround of screen scraping is labor intesive. 


To be able to export user's details including which settings/access are disabled and enabled for each user would be fantastic.
At the moment I am auditing these and to check over each page for each setting for each person one by one is very time consuming and many many clicks. If we were able to export and view via csv as a whole, it would save time as we would be reviewing as a whole/in one spot and only amending where need (many many less clicks and time) 


🙏We have 93 users. Running an audit on who has what permissions would be so much simpler with an export. Otherwise it's a manual one-by-one review.


if I could upvote this 100+ I would. I have 200 users and no way to view them all in an exported manner. 

its extremely time consuming to have to go one by one to ensure all are still in the correct team, correct permissions. please work on this request ASAP


I will post a separate idea to add in the request for data in the user export the following:

1) profile data that can be used in sender email personalization: first, last, phone, email signature

2) For those syncing to an external CRM: if there HubSpot user is connected to a Salesforce User/Owner, then what is the Salesforce User ID.