HubSpot Support Providing Chat Support

We would like to see hubspot having chat support to support its customers 

This work out great and for quicker response times.

We'd love to see this soon.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status updated to: In Planning

Chat support for paid customers is currently beeing explored and tested by the HubSpot Support Team, staty tuned to this post for updates. 

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I would really like to see chat for customer questions. I have a problem on my account and I can't use the email part any longer and I can't seem to find a number to call or chat to ask someone how to fix it. 1-403-397-1909

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status updated to: In Beta

Hey @KerryGeorge I merged your recent feature request with an existing request our Product and Support teams are tracking. I can confirm that Chat Support for paying customers is currently in private beta.


In order to keep our free products free, phone and email support are limited to paying HubSpot customers. As a free user, help is still available to you on the HubSpot community which is staffed by other HubSpot users and our Partners. This channel is also staffed by HubSpot employees to help with technical errors and setup.

Should you wish to pay for phone and email support, you can upgrade to HubSpot's paid products. I'm happy to help if you have any questions r.e. the above - feel free to send me a direct message. 

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@roisinkirby - our company is an Enterprise Hubspot customer.   Can we participate in the Chat Support private beta?  

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I've tried your Beta chat feature and it's great! One suggestion would be that since both times I've used it today, I accidently closed the chat window when I clicked to go somewhere else (like to my website to pull a url), the chat dissappeared, please have your chat open a pop-up window. This way it would remain even after I click on a link in the chat or click away from the chat. Keep up the good work!

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for the feedback @HRobinson ! That's definitely something that we're hoping to address soon. Glad you like the beta so far!

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Please, please, please show the chat title/context in the chat history list.


Intercom annoys the hell out of me when I visit other product's site in that I have no clue which chat I should pick up again if I have something more to add to that conversation. The only thing that shows is who said what last, which doesn't help if all you see is - goodbye, thank you or I'll let you know in the chat history.


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 8.36.22 pm.png


See this means nothing, I have to click inside to see what the thread is about. It would also prevent a number of cross posts!


Also, something Freshchat does well is the ability to choose categories first like Billing, Support or Sales.