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HubSpot Search results view customization

It would be great if we could Customizate HubSpot Search result views to bring up the properties we need and also what ´different user groups need.

Example. Searching with mobile phonenumber, the result view shows the right contact, the name, e-mail, phone number (not mobile), Primary comppany and Jobtitle. But not the Mobile number what was search. Same if you search with contact name. I rather have the Mobilephone in the vie than the phone number property.

If we could customize views we could add few other cotact or in this case also primery comppany related info which would help the users to see faster the information without going into contact card immediately.

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It would be nice if the search were adaptive based on each user's interaction - customizing the search responses automatically


This would be massively beneficial for our team! We are B2C and do not use the company object at all; it's frustrating how many places this default is built into the platform, and this is one example where it really matters & takes up valuable real estate on the screen.