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inside the HubSpot Score history we can see all points our contacts got but not which exactly source/attribute it was - just task or background task.
Is it possible to make a link on task/background task where we can see which individual attribute it was?

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I would love to see this! You can easily click to see what lists a contact is a member of and what workflows they are enrolled in. It would be great to be able to see their lead scoring history in a similar fashion!

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Yesssssss!!!!! Upvote please!

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This seems like an estential thing to have. This makes testing your attributes way harder than it should be because you have to test them under different Hubspot Contacts instead of just using one test account. 

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This would be fantastic. Looks like it was submitted in 2017. HubSpot, any traction here? Thanks. 

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Agree totally! We are trying to identify how some of our contacts met the HubSpot Scores we set for Sales to follow-up with engaged contacs, and, for instance, one contact had all Background Tasks with no specific details. We can guess which types from the point values, but who wants to guess, which makes it hard to pinpoint if there are adjustment that need to be made to our scoring? We have 100's of attributes, with no way to export or group them in a way to manage them easily through Properties, and that just adds to this pain point.

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I agree 100%

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I agree! This should be implemented as soon as possible!