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HubSpot Score - Increase Lead Scoring Filter Maximum

I think it would be extremely helpful and beneficial to increase the maximum limit of scoring property filters, or to have no limit at all. Our sales team and new business development team members are trying to track which of our clients and prospects are the most engaged with us, as well as the ones who are not. We have created a point system for those who attend our events, open our emails, interact with us on social media, found us via an organic search, etc. HubSpot Score has made it simple because we can easily compare contacts' scores. However, we've already hit the maximum of 100 filters so our lead scores are going to become stagnant considering we won't be able to track engagement on future emails or events. Therefore, what's the pont of lead scoring if it's not going to be current?

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Hubspot scoring is extremely poor for a tool that is designed to be a CRM. 




Agreed! This is a big problem with us. We score each webinar we host (and we host about once a month) individually. Meaning every time we host a webinar We keep hitting that ceiling and it requires that we kill older scoring grades, which is time consuming and isn't accurate to our overall grade.


Absolutely agree. We're at our cap and can't add additional criteria based on fit or further engagement.


HubSpot USED TO allow scoring in a workflow step which was extremely helpful, too. However its no longer available.


Please please please bring this back and remove the 100 cap on the criteria, it makes no sense!

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Absolutely agree aout it. It's a big problem with my team. We need more Lead Scoring Filter. And I hove HS can be allow HS core have more filter. Thanks a lot


100% agree! This limitation is creating a lot of challenges in our daily work. 


HubSpot must consider allowing more than 100 filters. 


100% agree, the current setup is highly limited


+1 would happily pay for this also


This is a major limitation for us. We have a long buying cycle with a large number of touchpoints and need quite a bit more capacity. Right now it sounds like we are limited to either attempting to build a custom work around or not being able to update our current score which makes our follow-up activities and automation inaccurate. This seems like a simple fix. Being able to accurately score is crucial to using the other functions in HubSpot.  In some ways HubSpot exceeds expectations but seems to miss or overcomplicate simple functions like this. Please consider bumping this up the priority list! 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,


My name is Dom and I'm a Product Manager at HubSpot. My team and I are currently looking into Lead Scoring for Marketers and are really interested in learning more about your use cases. What we’d like to find out is how you are currently scoring your leads, what’s working for you and what’s not working at the moment and what features you would like to see incorporated into HubSpot in the future. 

If you’re a marketer interested in lead scoring and open to a brief 30-minute call with me and my team, please feel free to reach out to me via a direct message.  



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Would definitely be a great help if we could expand this. The number of rules within the score increase along the years. 


really needed this feature


Yes, please create a more robust way to score and track the activity of leads. We use lead scoring to move our contacts through the beginning lifecycle stages but because we have hit our limit we will either have to delete past emails or begin an entirely new process. The filter limit is an issue but more so the way you have to scroll to the very bottom to add new filters, etc is archaic in comparison to the other hubspot features.