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HubSpot Score - Ability to give points ANY time ANY Marketing Email is Opened or Clicked

I would like to have the functionality that gives points when ANY marketing email is cliked or opened. Right now, your only option is to use the Contact Property (Marketing Emails Opened) is Greater than 1, and then do Greater than 2, and then Greater than 3 and etc. This options exist with Forms > Record has submitted Any Form on Any Page. We are looking for this same functionality with Marketing Emails. The current option for Marketing Emails is that after each Marketing Email you deploy, you have to go and update your HubSpot Score. 

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This would be very useful: that way points can be granted if a contact is particularly engaged with a type of email. For a company that sends out various emails with a wide range of topics, having them move up in points because of heavy interaction with a specific email could be really telling.


Similarly, it would be great to have a feature where you can also track interaction with sales documents. So if a lead has opened X amount of sales documents, or has interacted with a sales document for longer than xx:xx time, scores can be assigned to these.


Ditto- I am trying to produce a list of the most engaged contacts- who have clicked more emails than others- so we can put them through a separate campaign. if you could allocate points for an email link or CTA click you could then filter everyone over a certain score


We also feel that having this as a feature would be useful to see which contacts are most engaged with different campaigns. Seeing their score go up for every open or click of a ceratin email after it goes out would help our sales team know which contacts are interested in that topic.