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HubSpot Sales Extension for Safari

Any plans for those who use gmail through Safari? Seems like a very glaring ommission as a supported browser




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Not Currently Planned
March 18, 2020 08:28 AM

At this time, HubSpot does not plan to build specifically for Safari because we are not able to bring a comparable experience to Firefox that we have for Gmail and Outlook. As we evaluate other enabling technologies like Google add-ons, we will revisit this idea in the future but for now we are not planning to build a Safari specific solution.

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I'd love to be able to use Safari too! The whole company is on Mac's, and Chrome really slows down our laptops. The one and only reason we had to switch to Chrome is because of Hubspot, and we'd love to switch back to Safari 🙏🏼 


(Apple Mail integration would be an amazing bonus, but I'm not sure if that's too much to ask)


Yes, Please!

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It's been a few years of users asking for a Safari extension. what's the holdup?


Hello Hubspot, I've just had the same question from one of my team members about having a "Hubspot Sales" extention or similar to Google Chrome functionality for Safary. Can you please let the community know if it is even in the works...?


Would appreciate your response.


Since it's been almost two years since this question was asked and there is still no plans for it according to the support rep I just spoke with, I don't expect much to happen.  However it WILL be a major factor in my decision to continue with HubSpot


Ditto on the above. Is there a Safari extension planned?


Safari is by far a better browser for OS devices. Unfortunately, the lack of a safari extension means I'm going between browsers just for Gmail which is a pain. This would be an excellent feature! 


I think we should add an extension to safari. I prefer to use safari


We need a Safari Extension. It's not just an idea, it's a GOOD idea. Does HS have data on how many customers they are losing out on when interested parties find that HS doesn't support a Safari Extension (especially in global/emerging markets where Macs are preferred over PC?) Especially from mid-large private companies? I'm going to start researching CRMs that are more Safari user-friendly as this just isn't meeting the needs of my staff and their job performance any longer. It seems this is a feature your clients have been asking for and there's no information being released, so that probably means that there is nothing that is going to be done. 

Chrome is so Windows '98. 


@cfcmarie said it well! We're still waiting on this feature so we can switch back to Safari. Chrome is such a power hog and makes all our macs run slower. Why not support the fastest native browser for a huge chunk of your customers, for a better experience. I have been looking for alternate CRM's too, just for this one reason.

I think it's not enough to tell a company why they need to add a feature.
We need to be able to explain the impact it has on each of us and what our
intentions are if the feature is not seriously considered and put into
motion. It's not as if we are asking for an overall color change to the
platform. This is pretty impactful to how business is conducted and the
overall effectiveness of our teams.
However, I also feel that a tech company needs to be open about features
that are in development and why as well. It's a two-way street.

@hubspot. Please change your mind on this. Safari integration is long overdue, and you can see the demand and frustration from all mac users. This is causing pain and frustration with your service, and is forcing us to look for alternatives. 


Because of this lack I have to use Google Chrome when I could use Safari which is faster and safer. When will you catch up with the development of the extension for this browser? Or is it a privacy issue?


unbelievable that there is no extension for gmail - safari.....


@hubspot through gmail on Chrome continues to lock up on me from time to time. This is crazy that there isn't a Mac Safari browser extension supported at this point.


please let me know - we want to make the world a better place with by enabling everybody to share securely, but this is blocking our way!


+1. I have a MacBook Pro and Safari has way better performance compared to Chrome. I also would love to be able to have all the HubSpot features on Safari.


Inexplicable that it's been 5+ years and this is still not planned. We were wooed to HubSpot on the promise of it being platform agnostic, but that's clearly not the case. When will HubSpot stop discriminating against Safari users? Why does HubSpot cater to insecure, unsafe, slow, power hog, battery hog browsers like Chrome?


If anyone at Hubspot reads this, it's time now. It's become a lot easier and safer:

You see, Safari is here to stay. And in half a year, when the movers and shakers are on Vision Pro, you don't want to have us run Chrome on it.



As I write this in Jun 2023 we now see Safair market share at over 20%, nearly a quarter of internet traffic. Firefox has now dropped to less than 3%. Like many, I chose Hubspot for my teams as an OS-agnostic tool, but forcing my staff to use Chrome (which is processor hungry) is a killer. We use Safari for everything EXCEPT Hubspot.

Please, with Safari dev easier than ever, market share continues to grow, please don't continue to ignore this critical market segment.


BTW, this is a great article describing how easy it is to use a Chrome extension as the launch point for Safari extension development. It is NOT complicated.