HubSpot Sales Extension for Safari

Any plans for those who use gmail through Safari? Seems like a very glaring ommission as a supported browser




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Would love to hear what's in development!

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Same here!

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Google Chrome kills my laptop battery, please add a safari extension!!

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HI I would be interested as well?


Please update me when you have found  a solution

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I would love to see this as a feature as well. I don't like Chrome tracking everything I'm doing. 

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Same here!

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Yes this is needed. I hate being forced to use a browser that doesn't take privacy seriouslyh.

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Ad another yes for Safari support. Chrome kills my MacBook Pro battery. 

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This is a MAJOR pain point for one of our clients. Please support safari!

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Using chrome means I have to stay plugged into my charger all day. Can we please get the plugin for safari. 


Please do it! I have the same issue with Chrome. Prefer the lightweight Safari much more.

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+1 would much prefer to use safari

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Yes, please! I'm trying to get google as much out of my life as possible and using Chrome on a Mac is battery suicide.


Rich idea plugin for Safari, there must be enough users, so Hubspot go for it!

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Come on, Hubspot, this request should not be an idea anymore. Safari is the second most used browser in the world !

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One more vote for this - I'm forced to use Chrome just for Gmail + the Hubspot extension. Currently 1 tab open in Chrome for gmail and it's using 49% of processor load. Safari has 48 tabs open (inc gmail in one) and it's using 2.7%. Enough said. It's really not a tough technical challenge to add support for Safari, but hubspot are not exactly known for their engineering prowess, so I don't hold out much hope tbh.

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You all are doing great work. Your best work is yet to come and will arrive when this feature is released.

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Our company has taken Chrome of our new Mac's and we now only have Safari as a browser due to the amount of activity Google's Chrome is doing in the background. Can we please have an extension for Safari or something native to a Mac. I use the email tracking facility many times a day and need it back urgently please.

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Hi, This extension is badly needed. Using chrome on windows devices is also big problem.

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Agreed, Chrome is mac users worst friend. Wouldn't it be possible to just have a Gmail integration and not need to layer over the whole browser?  Or... Firefox?