HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC users


 We have a number of MAC users. It would be nice to have HubSpot integrate with Outlook for MAC users. Is this a feature that will be available soon?

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Jan 17, 2018

Hey Pete,


Thanks for responding! I do agree that article could be better, so we're going to update that to include more specific information for Outlook for Mac.


To get the latest version of our Outlook add-in on a Mac, you'll want to click on the red Store button in your Outlook ribbon, search for HubSpot, and then toggle that add-in on.  If you're unable to see the Store, you may want to update your Outlook and check to see if you have an O365 subscription and compatible inbox. For more help on this, please check out this article.    

Re: HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC users - changed to: Delivered
Jan 17, 2018

Hey everyone,


Thank you for your patience on this one! I'm happy to announce that HubSpot now supports Outlook for Mac.  You can try out our new add-in by checking out this article on our knowledge base:


Let me know if anyone has any questions on this! 

Status updated to: In Beta
Nov 9, 2017

 Hey everyone, 


Happy to say this this feature is now in beta.  To get access to our new Outlook add-in, please submit this form:


Questions? Let me know!



Status updated to: In Planning
Apr 5, 2017

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Vamos para cuando, no quiero tener que vender mi MAC


I have to agree.  When I first became a Hubspot user, I was amazed that the facility didn't exist.   It looks like it has been in the pipeline for some time now, and needs to be given priority




We've just started using HubSpot and teh whole team use Macs. We use Outlook for Mac but our emails aren't hosted by Office 365 which means we now can't track all emails sent and received via Outlook against a contact record in HubSpot. This is extremely frustrating as we were able to do this via our last CRM and wouldn't have signed up to HubSpot if we had known this wasn't possible. Extremely frustrating. 


Wow .....why is this not an option....r u waiting for Mac users to dissapear?


I totally agree with @freddy2307. We use gmail and Macs, but I don't like the gmail web client and I do also not want to use browser based emailing "Outlook/Office 365" etc. So please: fully fletched integration with the Outlook desktop version on Macs while having mail hosted by google/gmail.


It's absolutely ridiculous that HubSpot does not work on Outlook for Mac or Mac Mail.  Ridiculous.  They have been saying they are looking at it for 5+ years.  We moved from SalesforceIQ (no longer exists) and they had this feature working perfectly.  I guess HubSpot don't really care about their CRM product much,  it's all about their overpriced marketing products.