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HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC users

 We have a number of MAC users. It would be nice to have HubSpot integrate with Outlook for MAC users. Is this a feature that will be available soon?

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I found a way to keep using "Sidekick", the previous name of hubspot, on my Mac Mail still, but something happened yesterday that I can make it to work again, but I had it working since yesterday and until I made some dumb stuff on my MAC...


It would be awesome if more people could join me trying to find the solution for this..  

I'm being able to log in, but it is weird.. I followed this tutorial, and adapted to High Sierra..

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if you would care to join me, email me at leobrafl@gmail.com and we'll find a solution to keep working


What worked:

Email Tracking, Link Tracking, BCC to hub@.... (to log in contacts)



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 Hi Everyone, its just started to work on Outlook for Max (Office 365) this morning, I have had no feedback from the community, its just started to work, which is great, but would have been nice for feedback HubSpot. Anyway, I'm a happy bunny now and can look at some investment i Hubspot in the future and roll it out to everyone else in the sales team. Thanks

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@Bethsyndigwydd Is this the actual plugin for the desktop version of Outlook for Mac? That's what I've been waiting for. The web version of outlook (office 365) isn't usable IMO. Right now I'm stuck using the gmail hubspot plugin since they don't have one for desktop Outlook.


If it is the desktop plugin, do you have a link to the download?

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Yes it’s the sidekick for HubSpot downloaded it from the office 365 store, connect to your HubSpot account an it now works. It hasn’t for a long while but the now seem to have fixed it https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/settings/how-to-install-hubspot-sales

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I have downloaded the office 365 addin but it doesnt seem to actually add to Outlook.


This is very frustrating, would make life much easier if this works



This would be such a HUGE help! My team all works remote and most of us use Macs. This would make our workflow so much more efficent!

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yes! it is strange that Hubspot does not have add on for Outlook for mac

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So, Do we have a plugin to integrate Outlook for Mac and HubSpot now? Anyone?

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Hi YoungShatner and larissatode,


Yes it’s the sidekick for HubSpot downloaded it from the office 365 store, connect to your HubSpot account an it now works with my Macbook Pro. It  seems to have fixed it https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/settings/how-to-install-hubspot-sales


I have installed the individual add in not the centrally managed add in.


Hope this helps, anyway it all works for me now.