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HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC users

 We have a number of MAC users. It would be nice to have HubSpot integrate with Outlook for MAC users. Is this a feature that will be available soon?

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January 17, 2018 08:01 AM

Hey Pete,


Thanks for responding! I do agree that article could be better, so we're going to update that to include more specific information for Outlook for Mac.


To get the latest version of our Outlook add-in on a Mac, you'll want to click on the red Store button in your Outlook ribbon, search for HubSpot, and then toggle that add-in on.  If you're unable to see the Store, you may want to update your Outlook and check to see if you have an O365 subscription and compatible inbox. For more help on this, please check out this article.    

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January 17, 2018 07:30 AM

Hey everyone,


Thank you for your patience on this one! I'm happy to announce that HubSpot now supports Outlook for Mac.  You can try out our new add-in by checking out this article on our knowledge base:


Let me know if anyone has any questions on this! 

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November 09, 2017 11:31 AM

 Hey everyone, 


Happy to say this this feature is now in beta.  To get access to our new Outlook add-in, please submit this form:


Questions? Let me know!



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April 05, 2017 03:50 PM

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Thank you for the update Mia and I understand that this has been added to the 'ideas forum'.  Do we happen to have an ETA? 



Total nonsense that is not working...shame because it's a blight on what is otherwise a good experience. It cannot be a hard fix.


Dear Hubspot, client experience is everything especially in a sales environment, getting insights on uptake on emails to leads, prospects, clients is invaluable and really not an option in today's competitive environment.


MS Outlook upgrade I'm sure has been in the planning for many months, likely even a year +, knowing a large percentage of your clients use Outlook desktop would think this would have been part of the master Hubspot-MS product road map.


As for workarounds ... seriously have you ever asked a sales team to change their behaviour bc software isn't working?! Rhetorical. question.


From the threads this has been on your radar for some time, even if you don't a dev date, certainly you can offer a date for a date.


I am still on the free version bc tracking doesn't work properly, I've asked for help, have not heard (email removed for data privacy) Now moving to paid version doesn't make sense until this is fixed.






I'm going to email the HubSpot CEO or message him via LinkedIn. Failing that a public LinkedIn post and I'll share the url here.




Great CRM this url on LinkedIn might be worth commenting on 

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Hi @SRuston and @MGruber720,


Thank you for your feedback. I understand your frustrations around this functionality. I apologize for the frustrations and business impact this has caused.


Please note that your feedback has been shared with product team and, as Mia mentioned, they are currently investigating this matter.


In the meantime, I recommend upvoting this idea and commenting your use cases on the thread. The product team actively monitors the Ideas Forum and will be the best way for you to receive a direct line to the team overseeing this product.


Thank you again for your feedback and understanding.


Kristen, Community Team




This was reported in November and  the reply two weeks ago and lack of progress isn't good enough.


when can we expect a target fix date?

I gotta say, I appreciate the escalation here. One of our sales leaders literally went out to buy a PC just to get around the issue. This shouldn’t need to be the case considering how much we pay for HubSpot.
@kvlschaefer I agree, I’m sure the product team uses the Community to understand needs and challenges, that’s what a Community is all about!

Based on that when will someone from the product team provide a time line to have this fixed or at the very least a date for a date?

I can only assume if the product team does not weigh in, tracking emails is not a priority feature.

@colson @SRuston

Hi @MiaSrebrnjak


Wanted to add my thoughts here as your suggestion was to switch back to the legacy version of Outlook. The problem that you may not realize is that New Outlook has been released for quite some time and as of February of 2022 is the default experience for users. Because of this other companies have ended support for Legacy Outlook on Mac, meaning that my sales team has to use New Outlook for all functions of their job so that integrations work, but simply to track a HubSpot email they have to close out all Outlook windows and restart the program in Legacy mode, then switch back to continue their workday. 


Hope this adds some momentum behind getting support for an update that was anounced to Microsoft partners over 18 months ago.





Yes, this is a big worry if Mac extensions will become an ongoing issue, please resolve urgently.


I solved the problem by disabling the new version of Outlook and reverting to the previous, legacy, version of Outlook desktop Mac (Versio well. 16.61)
You can find the steps to change it back to the previous version of the outlook app here:


Now tracking works well.


I don't see why we should have to revert to an old version of Outlook to use Hubspot tracking?  


Exactly! I don't understand why HubSpot hasn't developed an up-to-date extension with the latest version of Outlook for Mac. Why should we use an outdated version of Outlook? HubSpot is very expensive software and this bug is not at the level we might expect. I'm wondering if I should downgrade my HubSpot plan since it's not working properly on our recent devices.

Yes, I have been using the legacy outlook because of the tracking not working on the newer versions of Outlook. I asked Hubspot one time a long time ago and they said it’s a Microsoft issue. To me, they are/were finger pointing.

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Absolutely! This needs to be fixed. 


I'm having the same issue. Switching to the legacy version still shows some bugs in correct image visualization (in signature for example) when tracking is on. Hope that it will be solved soon, the email tracking possibility was one of the reasons we subscribed to HubSpot.


Ditto to the above comments, I'm using the old Mac Outlook to get by for now, but the even old wotking version has issues with text formatting.  It's blows out the email line break and prevents our company signature from being inserted properly.  Not usable for me on either version.


We were about to upgrade our package with Hubspot but my business partner and I both use Mac Mail which doesn't integrate so we most likely won't upgrade. 


I would love for this to be fixed. We have a mix of PC and Mac users in our office using HubSpot Sales for Outlook and it would be very beneficial for us to all be on the same page.