HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC users

 We have a number of MAC users. It would be nice to have HubSpot integrate with Outlook for MAC users. Is this a feature that will be available soon?

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HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC usersHubSpot Product Team

Hey Pete,


Thanks for responding! I do agree that article could be better, so we're going to update that to include more specific information for Outlook for Mac.


To get the latest version of our Outlook add-in on a Mac, you'll want to click on the red Store button in your Outlook ribbon, search for HubSpot, and then toggle that add-in on.  If you're unable to see the Store, you may want to update your Outlook and check to see if you have an O365 subscription and compatible inbox. For more help on this, please check out this article.    

HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC usersHubSpot Product Team
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Hey everyone,


Thank you for your patience on this one! I'm happy to announce that HubSpot now supports Outlook for Mac.  You can try out our new add-in by checking out this article on our knowledge base:


Let me know if anyone has any questions on this! 

HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC usersHubSpot Product Team
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 Hey everyone, 


Happy to say this this feature is now in beta.  To get access to our new Outlook add-in, please submit this form:


Questions? Let me know!



HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC usersHubSpot Product Team
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This needs to be sorted, come on Hubspot Team!

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I just saw how outlook windows integration works. We need this same feature to mac outlook! When this feature will be released?

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What I don't understand is if Bananatag can do something VERY similar (the tracking part, anyway), why can't HubSpot??

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There used to be a lack of support for plugins (in general not just HS) for outlook mac, but plugins seem to be supported now, meaning HS could / should support it  !




We would also greatly appreciate a hubspot plugin for Outlook for Mac

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One more vote for Outlook for Mac intigration.

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I hope this becomes available very soon!  thank you!!

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Yes, yes, yes please!! This is a must for agency worker please....

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Oh thank you @mschnitt 


Is there a date range to have this feature on the market? maybe a beta version? 



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This is exciting news. One of the few reasons I have a Windows 10 virtualized environment is because HubSpot's add-ins do not support Mac users. This would save many of us tons of frustration especially those who do not use Chrome or Gmail for business communication. 


Thank you.