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HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC users

 We have a number of MAC users. It would be nice to have HubSpot integrate with Outlook for MAC users. Is this a feature that will be available soon?

January 17, 2018 08:01 AM

Hey Pete,


Thanks for responding! I do agree that article could be better, so we're going to update that to include more specific information for Outlook for Mac.


To get the latest version of our Outlook add-in on a Mac, you'll want to click on the red Store button in your Outlook ribbon, search for HubSpot, and then toggle that add-in on.  If you're unable to see the Store, you may want to update your Outlook and check to see if you have an O365 subscription and compatible inbox. For more help on this, please check out this article.    

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January 17, 2018 07:30 AM

Hey everyone,


Thank you for your patience on this one! I'm happy to announce that HubSpot now supports Outlook for Mac.  You can try out our new add-in by checking out this article on our knowledge base:


Let me know if anyone has any questions on this! 

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November 09, 2017 11:31 AM

 Hey everyone, 


Happy to say this this feature is now in beta.  To get access to our new Outlook add-in, please submit this form:


Questions? Let me know!



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April 05, 2017 03:50 PM


Hello Hubspot, I see similar posts dating back to 2021, 1 month has passed since this note, who in Product Management is responsible for adding support for the "new" Outlook client? Please add them to this thread. Is this something that is really being considered?


Albeit there is <10 upvotes, this is npot indicative of the size of the Hubspot sales/marketing user base using an Outlook client.


@AKyle We have started the search for a new CRM solution. This has been an ongoing issue that has had zero progress made. The only workaround that I have been able to come up with is to try to convince our sales org to use the web version of Outlook, but as you can imagine that does not go over well. 


Hi, we're experiencing the same issue in the new Outlook. However, when switching back to the Outlook Legacy version, we can track the email activity, but the log is missing.

The log works in New Outlook and Tracking in Old Outlook ? That’s nonsense.

Waiting for this issue to be solved to jump to the paid version.


I wanted to add my thoughts to this thread. It is incredibly frustrating to not be able to utilize the email tracking feature with new Outlook for Mac. As previously noted, the legacy outlook does not have the integrations and support we need, so to have to use it just to track emails doesn't make sense. I sold my leadership team on Hubspot and one of the key features I highlighted was email tracking. Now that we cannot use it effectively, there is a lot of frustration on all sides. I hope you can fix this quickly. 


Hello Kristen, can you add Hubspot technical and product leadership to this thread?


It's been 3 months (surely this is enough time to assemble opions) since "they are currently investigatingthis matter" message from Mia, what are the outcomes of the investigation please?


I get the feeling no update means this is not a priority to Hubspot.


Email tracking is a CORE benefit to sales teams as it helps teams be proactive on sales cycles. The Hubspot web site is NOT accurate ..., there should be a disclaimer that current ver...


I can NOT upgrade to the paid version without support for the latest version of Outlook being supported.


So this had been a known issue for 9 months now.

Any concrete plan to resolve? With a known timeline?




Thank you to all for contributing to this thread. I wanted to provide another update: 


What's important for us to bring forth is that HubSpot's team is aware of the challenges users are facing when using our HubSpot Office 365 Add-in and the New Outlook for Mac.  Due to Microsoft's current roadmap for their New Outlook for Mac, this means that regular updates are being made. What this means to HubSpot is we can work on a solution to address the tracking issue. However, there's no guarantee that the next Microsoft update will not break it.  Taking into account how this affects our customer's experience (having the extension work and break again), we have decided to take a step back and review this at a later time.


Please continue to show your support by upvoting this idea in the Ideas Forum. Commenting on the idea will automatically subscribe you to any updates made to it by the product team, and will be the best way to receive a direct line from the team that oversees this feature. 


Thank you for your understanding.





Hi Kristen,
If I am understanding correctly, we have two options, convert our entire company from Mac to Windows, or to find another CRM that can deliver the needed results to their customer base.

I don't mean to stir the pot, but if every software company decided not to fix their own platform until another company stopped making updates on theirs, we would all still be operating on Windows 3.1.

It is disappointing that HubSpot leadership has taken the position of "we aren't going to fix it" but I appreciate that this was stated publicly so that we as customers know where we stand.



Wow, good luck with that approach HubSpot! 

Considering a significant number of decision makers in platform choices are Mac users especially in start ups which your licensing model appeals to, you've just committed the same mistake Nokia did in the mobile phone business


Doesn't make any sense. Would assume Hubspot is using a standard API, those don't break in theory. I would suggest your CTO or VP of Development come our with some kind of official product statement.


anyone else now having an issue with hubspot staying logged into the "old" version of outlook too?  This is getting crazy. 


We might just have to wait another 18 months for details and an official tech statement 🤣


This update isn't going to work. Another day in the old version of Outlook is another day of frustration. 


I really enjoy the overall HubSpot experience, but given the choice of transitioning myself and our sales team to a new platform vs our entire organization to a new email platform, the solution is simple. 


So, now I'll start my search for a new Sales CRM. Any suggestions would be appreciated! 


Our business is predominantly Macs and we rely heavily on Hubspot for our CRM and Marketing so not being able to track opens or clicks is a huge issue for us. Reverting back to legacy Outlook is far from ideal, so would be great if a solution could be created ASAP!


Would be great to get this fixed, as currently I'm not getting any tracking data.

I wish you all the luck getting a fix

I am a HubSpot customer and business owner running an Exchange platform for MS Outlook, Office, etc. I and one other in our office work on a Mac. We purchased a Sales Pro + Marketing subscription and learned too late that the Outlook Desktop Sales Add-in tool will not work on a Mac. (Not unless you use the Office 365 version and switch to Office 365 hosting. Not an option for our little enterprise.) Not only do I have to manually bcc or forward correspondence to the HubSpot CRM ... my prospects cannot "see" openings in my Outlook calendar. I am the principal closer of sales opportunities, which makes this issue critical for us. As far as your suggestion in the blue box to include "examples of other places or products who have this feature ..." I guess my answer would be "everywhere else."


I'm having issues connecting my Outlook for Mac app to hubspot at all.  I have version 16.63.  I need this to work, we are new customers of HubSpot and I am the primary website designer so if I can't log my emails - this does not help my team at all. 


Our company uses a mixture of Windows and Mac computers and it's really hard to increase adoption of HubSpot if not all employees are able to use the plug in. This would be an incredibly useful feature.

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This is something the system really needs