HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC users

 We have a number of MAC users. It would be nice to have HubSpot integrate with Outlook for MAC users. Is this a feature that will be available soon?

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I'm testing Hubspot, but having no plugin for outlook on Mac is a showstopper for the moment.

Hopefully this plugin will be released soon.


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Any possibility this can be fast tracked?

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URGHHH! I can't convert my OLM files to CSV for upload!! when can this be fixed??

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The Hubspot for Mac Integration will absolutely boost usage of Hubspot by at least 25%. Given a 4x pipeline for free to paid conversion, having this intergration would surely be profitable for Hubspot who would be looking to grow their paid subscription service. 

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This is the single feature I need to expand utilization of the Hubspot CRM to our entire account group.  It's a great tool, but at this point, success is contingent upon people being able to continue using Outlook.

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I use Mac for Outlook and would really like the ability to use this tool. Can you please provide an update on when it will be available?

Many thanks! 


I pulled the trigger on the HubSpot Pro - I love some of the functionality but the lack of Mac Outlook functionality has me considering canceling already.  When will this be complete, at least a beta - there are others out there that have this functionality.  I am will this plugin included a scheduled email send similar to the Gmail version?


At a minimum, I would have expected to see Office365 support as that's browser-based. Shocked this is being ignored.

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 Just came in like the others to see about Outlook integration for Macs. Not sure if i'm using the forum correctly, or not, however I can't seem to find a response from HubSpot on this.


Any ideas on when this might become a reality? Seems like the concept has been requested for years now. :/


Not very encouraging that some of the most powerful features for a sales guy like myself aren't available to me since I'm on a Mac. Merp.


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What is the current status? As a mac user with Outlook, Hubspot wouldn't make sense to me whenever there is no integration available.