HubSpot Outlook integration for MAC users

 We have a number of MAC users. It would be nice to have HubSpot integrate with Outlook for MAC users. Is this a feature that will be available soon?

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PLEASEEEE can we have a completion date on this? I can't believe it's still not available!

@mschnitt wrote:

 We have a number of MAC users. It would be nice to have HubSpot integrate with Outlook for MAC users. Is this a feature that will be available soon?


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we love hubspot 

we hate gmail for email

we like gmail integrations

we have mac's

we use outlook

you have nothing for use


we have three options-suffer- not an option the sales team need to be productive

switch crm systems

leave hubspot


you fix what was clearly requested in 2015 


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Well said @freddy2307. We're in the exact same boat. 

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Same here!!! Need this to work with mac; iphone needs to be able to upload attachments from the app as well

 Also I need to be able to see the attachments that are already existing in a deal on my iPhone or iPad

 Also please add a function where when you upload a contact you can actually pick and choose which contacts not all 

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Look forward to it!

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Any updates on the timeline for this?  It's been quite a long time already.

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Outlook 365 Beta see the ray of hope


New reply from Marjorie Munroe. 


Hi Simon,


Thank you for contacting HubSpot Support!


I took a look at on the backend and it looks like that is currently an Outlook 365 account. The best next steps forward, in this case, would be for your to set up a new user in your portal for the address and assign your Sales Pro seat to those credentials.


You can then connect your inbox through Outlook 365. Please note that once you reconnect your inbox with Outlook, the historical activity stream from when this email was connected to Gmail will be lost. This is because connecting your inbox after switching your email provider creates a "new" activity stream. This will allow you to access your HubSpot Sales Pro features within the CRM.


There is not currently an HubSpot Sales extension for Outlook for Mac. However, there is a beta for Outlook 365 currently in the works. I recommend signing up for the beta so that you have access to this feature within your Outlook 365 web account as soon as possible. I have attached the form to apply for it here.

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It's great to hear that this is on the radar of the hubspot team. I'm currently making a decision as to which CRM our company should use, and really like the Hubspot interface. However, most of our marketing and sales team use macbooks - is there an estimated timeline on this? 

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 Just wondered if there is timeline schedule?

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Hello is there a view of when this feature will become available?