HubSpot Mobile App - Ability to insert Sales Document in Sales Email


It would be great if there is a new feature where it allows HubSpot Mobile App user to attach sales document to their outgoing sales email.

Use Case:

  • Sales Persons are always on the go, they don't work from desktop
  • As they are following up their leads via email, they are using HubSpot Mobile App and they would want to send them Sales Document
  • So they know if their leads/ prospect have clicked or opened the Sales Document and follow up depending on their prospects behaviour

~ Submitting on behalf of Rebekah

5 Replies

This is really an essential feature for our team who are on the road often. Most of their communication with clients is via the phone, not desktop. 


Being able to send documents through the mobile app would be extremely useful since being on the road mean i don't always have access to a computer.


It would also look really good when in front of a customer I can send him/her the doccument I am talking about.


We are in the process of onboarding HubSpot and this is something that would be beneficial for our sales team. Similar to the comments above, our sales team is on the go, they don't have the time to log into their desktop to send sales documents after they've worked a full day on the road. Having this information readily accessible via the HubSpot app is crucial for sending 1:1 emails to their customers/ leads. 


HubSpot, please advise if this is something you are looking to add into the app sometime soon. I would like to provide the update to my sales team as something they can look forward to. 


I was really surprised to see that this feature was not part of the app. As per the original post this feature should be included in the app without question. 


Any update on this? I see this as a huge oversight, we can add up to 5000 documents but can't send any via mobile unless it's a predefined template. Would love to be able to do this.