HubSpot Meetings - More Minimum Notice Options

For those who work multiple time zones, it's helpful to allow meeting bookings 12-hours ahead of time. Forcing 1-full-day advanced notice to book a meeting unnecessarily reduces availability. AND the alternative (6-hours notice) is simply too short notice (to allow for preparation) when working across multiple time zones.


HubSpot Meeting Availability -- Minimum Notice TimesHubSpot Meeting Availability -- Minimum Notice Times


Example Scenario:

Visitors current time: 11pm London (UTC-0) === 6pm EST (UTC-5)

Our current time: 6pm EST

It's late in London, but a client or prospect in London wants to book our earliest meeting tomorrow -- i.e., 6am EST. Our current choices are to either...


A) Force 1-day notice and miss the opportunity for an early meeting tomorrow. Smiley Sad


B) Allow 6-hours notice and risk missing the meeting because we're not up at midnight to check our calendar. Smiley Sad


C) Wake up at 5am EST and scramble for our 6am meeting like a crazy person who doesn't have an automated meeting scheduler. Smiley Sad


Adding the 12-hour option will allow us the additional choice of ...

D) Knowing by 6pm EST the day before if we have a 6am meeting scheduled the following day! Smiley Happy 

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New Contributor

I'd like to boost this, as my team has an identical issue. They don't want to risk missing a meeting by forcing 1 day advance notice, but 6 hours means that a meeting could get booked (and missed) while they're asleep. I'm not entirely clear why there isn't a wider variety of options in any event - 3 and 7 days seems a bit random, as well, and I'm amazed no one thought of business days. 

New Contributor

Same problem here.  I have my calendar open starting at 4am in case a customer and/or prospective customer from Asia wants to hop on a call, I'm on EST.  But, it would be ideal to shut down earlier in the night with some peace of mind and certainty about how my morning looks the following day.  If I leave it to a 6 hour notice time then I need to check my calendar at 10pm to see if a 4am has been booked.  Setting 12 hours of notice time would be ideal for me, but even 8 would be helpful.  

Occasional Contributor

Same problem here as well!  This seems like a no-brainer and easy fix.