HubSpot Meetings - More Minimum Notice Options

For those who work multiple time zones, it's helpful to allow meeting bookings 12-hours ahead of time. Forcing 1-full-day advanced notice to book a meeting unnecessarily reduces availability. AND the alternative (6-hours notice) is simply too short notice (to allow for preparation) when working across multiple time zones.


HubSpot Meeting Availability -- Minimum Notice TimesHubSpot Meeting Availability -- Minimum Notice Times


Example Scenario:

Visitors current time: 11pm London (UTC-0) === 6pm EST (UTC-5)

Our current time: 6pm EST

It's late in London, but a client or prospect in London wants to book our earliest meeting tomorrow -- i.e., 6am EST. Our current choices are to either...


A) Force 1-day notice and miss the opportunity for an early meeting tomorrow. 😞


B) Allow 6-hours notice and risk missing the meeting because we're not up at midnight to check our calendar. 😞


C) Wake up at 5am EST and scramble for our 6am meeting like a crazy person who doesn't have an automated meeting scheduler. 😞


Adding the 12-hour option will allow us the additional choice of ...

D) Knowing by 6pm EST the day before if we have a 6am meeting scheduled the following day! 🙂 

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New Contributor

I'd like to boost this, as my team has an identical issue. They don't want to risk missing a meeting by forcing 1 day advance notice, but 6 hours means that a meeting could get booked (and missed) while they're asleep. I'm not entirely clear why there isn't a wider variety of options in any event - 3 and 7 days seems a bit random, as well, and I'm amazed no one thought of business days. 

New Contributor

Same problem here.  I have my calendar open starting at 4am in case a customer and/or prospective customer from Asia wants to hop on a call, I'm on EST.  But, it would be ideal to shut down earlier in the night with some peace of mind and certainty about how my morning looks the following day.  If I leave it to a 6 hour notice time then I need to check my calendar at 10pm to see if a 4am has been booked.  Setting 12 hours of notice time would be ideal for me, but even 8 would be helpful.  

Occasional Contributor

Same problem here as well!  This seems like a no-brainer and easy fix. 

Occasional Contributor

Yes.  Please.  This drop-down list is both arbitrary and overly restrictive.  Our entire sales funnel is built on setting sales appointments, and our minimum notice time is 96 hours, for a very specific reason.  We aren't going to change our business model to match HubSpot's drop-downs.  I guess we'll have to give our money to Acuity. 


Is that why Acuity gets higher reviews?


I say this with love for HubSpot.  You can do better!!