HubSpot Intelligence - Default Filtering in Salesforce



We have the HubSpot Intelligence window in Salesforce for our sales team to see HubSpot activity.  However, there are a lot of administrative workflows, Salesforce syncs, list memberships, etc that clog up those views.  


Is there a way to set default filters across all users?


Also, it seems like there is a scroll bar, but it's grayed out.  Should we have the ability to scroll through activity directly in Salesforce?




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Wanted to see if there are any updates on this or if anyone knows of a workaround? 

We are turning on Lead Scoring MQLs and passing them from HubSpot to Salesforce. It would be helpful if there's a way to easily see what marketing content the lead has engaged with for the sales reps and filter out all the activities on list membership, workflows etc. 


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Any update to this? We are looking to rollout the Hubspot window to our sales team in Salesforce and the onboard and UX would be much better if we could default the filter.