HubSpot Integration with Skype for Business for calendar requests

I love that many prospective clients choose to click on my calendar link in my email signature.  


The issue is that I want to have others join on these introductory calls and even if it were to be just between me and the person who chose time off my calendar, I don't have the best way to contact them.


So, a rather awkward process ensues, I reply to the Outlook calendar via email saying "thanks for selecting time with me but, I will need to cancel this appointment and resend with a conference number and access code to facilitate our call".   


I would love it if HubSpot had a way to resolve this or if they integrated with Skype for Business or any other Outlook meeting app so that it could truly facilitate the meetings the prospective client requested without the clunky process having to take place I described.

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New Contributor

I'm very suprised the meeting tool is so behind the times.  I would also like the ability to use Office 365 Skype for Business meetings...and ideally have it automatically populate in the meeting invite the client intially recieves. 

New Contributor

Same problem here, I would also like to have te ability to link Skype business meetings to the appointments automatically that are made via HubSpot meetings. Hopefully this is something that will get on the development list of HubSpot. 

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Same here, our business uses Skype for business and the meetings tool doesn't work for us unless we can include that in the meeting invite.